Solar Eclipse February 26th 2017

Upcoming Solar Eclipse on February 26th 2017 is the 29th in the Saros Cycle 140 which started on April 16th (or April 26th by current Gregorian calendar) 1512. It falls on 9th degree of Pisces, the one for which Sabian symbol says…The race begins: intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.

It will fall between Mercury and Neptune which are also in Pisces so this race will happen somewhere in the vast area of collective imagination and emotions. We are racing towards some end, either personal or more social. In Pisces we rarely start something new, we mostly try or have to try to finish. Will it be reaction to some inner voice which forces us to leave behind old emotions, unfulfilled dreams or yearnings…we have to find out for ourselves.

Planetary configurations accompanying the Eclipse are deeply complex and challenging. Strong conjunction of Mars and Uranus opposing Jupiter and forming a cardinal T-square with Pluto in Capricorn is a trigger for unnecessary competitiveness. The race doesn’t have to bring humiliation to rivals but few will understand that. Race can inspire even the slowest one in the group to give his best so the one who takes to role of leading jockey can act as a teacher and motivator by his personal example. But rare are the ones who will comprehend that, obsessed with their speed in distancing themselves from imagined rivals, they will collapse in some new illusion which will be just another beginning of the same circle.

This Solar Saros cycle started in spring of 1512, time of Renaissance and countless power battles. It happened during the peek of Italian Wars marked by numerous territory disputes, alliances and counter alliances of most major states of western Europa as well as Ottoman Empire. It is no wonder that last 3 or even 4 (1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999) Solar eclipses belonging to this cycle are still connected with similar idea which is reflected in most sensitive territory dispute in Europa – Kosovo. How will upcoming eclipse influence the area we will see pretty soon. Natal chart of the first eclipse in 1512 has Mars-Pluto, Venus-Jupiter and Mercury-Uranus conjunctions. Intelligent, explosive, forceful and jovial cycle, with very little self control but Saturn is currently transiting Mars-Pluto conjunction. It can bring stabilisation and focus or it will stress frustration and amplify suppressed rage.

Who is going to snap, to totally lose it, to be out of control and out of bounds? Maybe some of us will understand that race is more important than beating an imaginary rivals or coming first at non existing finish line.

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