After Aries action and victory of day over night, there’s a reaction in the form of more stable and concrete Taurus. He stops rebelling just for the sake of the rebellion and excitement; there’s a search for tangible results of its actions. Calmness gained through somewhat established personality helps in realization of those results by repetition of certain actions and stubborn persistence.

It’s no longer uncontrolled Aries energy. In Taurus it turns into the power to establish the security that is sought and found in material world. Aries energy of straight line becomes circular in Taurus, whereas in Gemini it turns into spiral. Deeper meaning of this comes from the energy of seed – after Aries seeds into new life, it needs stability and circular Taurus movement. Otherwise, it would endlessly wander in the universe.

For Taurus, the action without purpose makes no sense. For example in sex: Aries regards it as the act of releasing energy, but Taurus is seeking a result, a certain purpose which is primarily conception.

Productivity is the key term for this sign. Everything it comes in contact with must be of some use, otherwise it will be regarded insignificant. Aries throws out/releases energy, but Taurus puts it in function, controls it and establishes the Power. That makes him one of four signs of the power in Zodiac. Points on the 15th degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius that create a big cross are regarded to be the door to the strength of purpose. In the Bible they are presented by 4 gospels and Egyptian sphinx is the combination of these signs, very often presented as Taurus, Leo, Eagle and Angel.

Taurus symbolism is a thin superficial layer of fertile soil; without it there would be no life on our planet. It’s a place where vibrations of the Earth and sun radiation meet and create a life. That life takes place on Earth’s “skin” although its vastness is by far bigger. Humankind functions in similar way; we receive through senses experience and stimulus of the outside world, canalizing through the intellect that is only the outside layer of by far bigger subconscious.

Taurus source of energy derives from the sense of belonging to a bigger community where it’s born. It strongly identifies with its roots, although it tries very hard to conform to higher and new stages of evolution. Sometimes it can postpone this pursuit, but it would be very harmful to block it inside. That’s where lies its driving force, strength of determination, stubbornness and orientation. Excessive emphasis of these characteristics leads to one of its greatest weakness – possessiveness. Relationship, person or situation in which Taurus finds purpose for him it has a certain value-significance. And when there’s purpose, it’s necessary to remain there, in that function…however it may seem possessive.

Day length here approaches its minimum and Taurus is very weekly connected to collective energies that manifest through irrational identification with a certain mystical purpose. Sometimes it turns into megalomania and imagination that they are Prophets, Redeemer, the mouth through which the God speaks…Only life can show the extent to which this is related to the real world. Great number of political leaders were born with the Sun in Taurus: Tito, Tuđman, Lenin, Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Pol Pot, Sadam Hussein, Queen Elizabeth II (stil in power)… pope John Paul II., as well as Mark Zukerberg, the founder of Facebook.

According to the tradition, Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment and died during Full Moon in May. Buddha is the highest achievement of the human consciousness, what man born on this planet can achieve; from fertile Taurus soil with calm flow of its river that is no longer restless creek after the spring, but the stable flow of life on whose banks grow cities and civilizations.

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