Sun Signs

Words are often too poor to explain the richness of the language of heaven. I perceive astrology as something that would be closest to the category of art. The current scientific system requires too much “tangible” evidence which makes it too strict to fit within such a complex skill with too many variables on the basis of inspiration and intuition. There are attitudes towards astrology as much as those who are called astrologers. Here I talk about my view, with the hope that there are at least a few similar.

Many people today will easily type in a couple of basic data in the online program and get the horoscope. This is not astrology. Astrology is neither infinite memorizing of catalog data on particular Sun signs characters, aspects and houses, nor is arrogant rising above society and proud looking “down” to the masses of “ignorant.” It is limited to the extent how limited is a person interpreting it and specious to the distances we are able to understand it. Some will be satisfied with getting information about the basic character traits of the zodiac signs, some will want to know the future, some will imagine that they can learn all about the past lives in order to fulfill the void of the current they are living, some will search for solutions to financial problems and perhaps the smallest number will really want to understand whether through it can they learn to live a life beyond their selfish frame.

Astrology is here to help us on the road, to leads us to think bigger thoughts, as Dane Rudhyar said. We ought to use it to the extent to which we are able to return the “gift” to society, or at least help to channel the power of these celestial ideas. In the end we can only hope that we have clearly interpreted the symbols and that at least some of these messages came upon a fertile soil in man.


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