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Prenatal Solar Eclipse in Synastry

Primarily we are all children of the father Sun and the mother Moon who find themselves embodied on this Earth to fulfill our personal mission. Some call it destiny or battle between Karma and Dharma, some yearn for the free will, some look for an escape in ecstasy through drugs, alcohol or glamour of endless social activities and “spiritual courses”. What most people vaguely understand, in modern over individualistic society, is that fulfilling of life paths comes accelerated by intense emotional contact with other individuals.  

There are numerous open topics on subject of astrology and personal relationships. It is popular now to look for vast number of symbols offered to us on synastry but behind everything is basic and dominant influence of the Sun and the Moon. Two basic energies which give life to all living creatures on this Earth. Sun with power of its light, Moon by keeping basic life cycles in rhythm. Should a person stay inside those cyclic boundaries? That is not a subject of this article. Reality is that people function inside the realm of day and night; seasons from spring to the end of winter and back; heat and cold; youth, peak of life and decay of old age; conscious behavior and oblivion of sleep; femininity and masculinity. What we do is dominantly ruled by those two lights in the sky.

To understand certain, so called fatalistic relationships between two people, we must find the way to understand their private universe. In that universe their Suns and Moons will tell us the story which astrologer can try to understand and pass on to confused couple. One of the crucial points to look for is placement of Prenatal Solar Eclipse. It is a point in a horoscope of every individual, up to six months before the birth, where the last solar eclipse fell.

Eclipses are mysterious symbols indeed. Since ancient times sky gazers were impressed by them. Sun would disappear and night came or a dusk, during a daylight. What does it mean? Should we be afraid of it? Maybe we should but life in fear is not a life. We fear only that we do not understand and we explained the mechanics of moving objects trough space, casting shadow on each other. Explanation of mechanics gave us illusion that we understand but rare are those who understand…

In a moment you are trying to give meaning to some relationship and you look at natal horoscopes of two people, look at the position of their prenatal solar eclipses. If the contact is strong you will understand why they are so confused. The power of the Sun and the Moon is in its peak and its draining every drop of life out of them. You can read it in their eyes. Some astrologers call those eclipses places of personal death. Not literary death of a person more a death of personality that we used to have. The moment you meet someone whose prenatal solar eclipse touches your personal planet, ASC/DESC, Node axis, even Vertex/Antivertex, Part of Fortune and vice a versa…be prepared to die as your old self. Nothing will be the same again and you will change forever, for better or for worse, but who is so wise to know the end answer which change was good which one was bad?

Much advertised relationship between Bard Pitt and Angelina Jolie is such an example. His prenatal eclipse falls on her’s Asc and Venus, her eclipse on his Sun. Famous scientific couple Marie and Pierre Curie is another, with his eclipse on her Moon and her’s close to his DESC.  Eva Braun had her eclipse on 27° of Libra, exactly on Hitler’s ASC and opposite his Sun and Mercury conjunction, his was on Eva’s Venus and close to ASC. Frida Khalo had her eclipse close to Diego’s Rivera Mars and opposite to his Saturn. Examples are numerous, consequences of mentioned relationships were life changing, without possibility of returning to previous state.

Some say moment of Prenatal Solar Eclipse is the time when soul comes down from sky end enters the body of unborn child. Some say those are the gates through which we can understand our mission in this life. When you try to explain the meaning of a relationship filled with contacts between eclipses…ask the couple…are you brave enough to live your true life path?

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