12 Signs of the Zodiac

At the end of the Zodiac

After Pisces there’s no new sign, or some interesting invention that could make these 12 chapters more exciting. There’s no Tiger, Owl, Crocodile…in which we would find better information from those that we’re not happy with or that we haven’t found. We have what we have, and it’s what we set up ourselves.

The language of astrology is language of deep symbolism, in those sentences there’s no need to seek the impossible and supernatural. Reading the characteristics of individual signs won’t answer the questions about the future, or solve existential problems of nutrition. For those answers it’s important to live on the Earth, within the possible.

We witness the flood of superficiality in all areas where we expect instant answers with the help of internet and click of the mouse. We are distrustful towards others, even more to our own inner voice, but for some reason overly trustful when it comes to online information. Does it all have to be correct that we find on internet?

The mere sense of symbolism is to try to bring closer what is hard to explain with words. And whereas for some people something symbolizes happiness, money, rebirth, for others it can be sorrow and poverty.

If we would really think of Zodiac and astrology symbolism, then we would notice that, for example, in some parts of the world certain animals/symbols were unknown (Leo), that seasons are different on North and South hemisphere, and accordingly the day and night length vary; that nowadays there’s evident disorder of natural cycles that can be noted in meteorology, geology, zoology, botany, maybe mostly in male-female relationships…and how can astrology follow reflections of universe cycles on the Earth without considering new cognitions…

It is extremely incomplete to categorize persons as Aries, Taurus or Virgo. Each horoscope/natal chart is symbolic presentation of potentials, of what one carries behind and the path that should be followed. Horoscope is made of 12 astrological signs. To be “only one sign” is to have no connection with the unity, to be isolated from the remaining proper 11/12 parts. At least 3-4 signs are needed for initial description of the person, whereas the combination of all 12 gives the complete picture…which is never absolute. Because there’s that factor X that teaches us of something by far greater and more meaningful to which we didn’t find the right symbol.

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