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Scorpio, sex and ashes

It is somewhat appropriate, before the end of Sun’s stay in Scorpio, beneath cover of dense fog, to ask the question why this sign has such a negative reputation? Because of the sign itself, or because of our relation to what it presents?

Primary reason is our western, Christian, “civilized” relation in regards to sexuality. On one hand media is full of this topic and on the other hand there’s repression, shame, the feeling of guilt and sin. I have already wrote about the symbolism of Scorpio in my text Scorpio, but I have the impression that many superficial experts in astrology regard that if Scorpio is not your star sign or ascendant then you are somewhat spared of everything that it brings along. Actually, it’s completely contrary. If we choose to contemplate the life through astrology, then it must be clear that each sign, so this one as well, will come to the fore in some field and phase of life.

From the strict Christian point of view, but through prism of nature as well, mostly there are no problems with the concept of preservation and expansion of species. That type of sexuality belongs to the domain of Taurus. It’s spontaneous, powerful and instinctive. We should surrender to it, approve and accept it in conservative church communities. Its peak is in spring, which is usually everybody’s favorite season when we go to the nature to enjoy the abundance it offers. The mere sexual energy of reproduction doesn’t demand much effort, it’s sufficient to just surrender to magnetic charms of Venus and natural mechanism will do the rest. But what do we do afterwards? How to accept the sexuality when the peak of the fertility in one life is over? Or is sex necessary just to trap us with its pleasure to prolong our species (explanation so dear to various dull scientists and geneticists)?

In this stage we have Scorpio. After reaching somewhat ideal community in Libra, we can now enjoy its fruits and some of the most delicious are the ones related to physical passion. Two persons, of sufficiently conscious strength that the accomplished community gives them, can open with their bodies ways to divine ecstasy. In this case sex is not violent and spontaneous need for reproduction, it’s metaphorical immersion of one person into another in order to completely erase limits of small “I” and to create big “WE”. This idea is on the trail of everything that tantric yoga endeavors to achieve and is completely opposite to hard Christian imposed feeling of guilt caused by enjoyment of the body.           

If we had come just a bit closer to this perspective we wouldn’t react on Scorpio with such deprecation and unspecified discomfort. We wouldn’t be ashamed to admit, not in intimate circle of friends, but on some higher social levels, that the sex is natural and needful for spiritual health, especially after the reproductive phase of life, i.e. in mature and old age. Then we wouldn’t hypocritically approve these points of view and in advertisements present almost exclusively bodies of the young in full power for reproduction. Probably we would appreciate better long autumn nights filled with fog that leave more time for intimacy without dramatic craving for warm sunny days.

And almost certainly we wouldn’t attribute to the eighth Zodiac sign the symbol of small poisonous arthropods that actually speaks about our degradation and position where we push our intimate needs. The real evolution would be transition through combustion in divine fire, in the ecstasy of orgasm to the ashes from which the bird Phoenix or Eagle is born. True symbols of evolution in this stage of the year.

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