In Aquarius we reach the last fixed sign, the sign of the force that is released in the period of Capricorn. The energy created with the beginning of winter solstice in this phase needs to get its concrete purpose. Such release of force can be constructive or destructive.

Aquarius accepts the development of the State and civilization through inventions, improved social order and evaluation of certain virtues. Or, it can mean revolution due to completely new ideas that the existing state doesn’t tolerate nor can incorporate into its system of values. It’s the moment of civilization expansion through new achievements, mass riots and visionaries.

Capricorn was a politician, an individual within bureaucratic machine or the solitary on thorny path of the new light expansionOn the other side, Aquarius is a rebel, but also the real reformer. Stubborn and freakish in attempts of imposing its own idea of the perfect society, or the true follower of the new “religion” that will renew humankind.  

Aquarius is distinctly trying to be something more than just a part of the organized mass or the State. It’s a member of the Party and it is the greatest protector when it’s attacked by the conservatives or the government; it’s a fanatic without sufficient individual consciousness that would enable it to direct that fanaticism. But, it’s also genius mind whose ideas enrich the world, the liberator who saves from the slavery without destroying the foundation of social order.

Today we are facing the Age of Aquarius (In which period do we live?) and the humankind feels the need for its ideas. We are approaching the critical point of the conservatism (negative aspects of the Capricorn) and social staleness that will inevitably have to break on some revolution. The level of its destructiveness will depend on all of us.

Transcendent ideas created in the phase of Sagittarius – universal principles of equality (the real sense of democracy) were negatively implemented in the phase of Capricorn…and now we want a change. The society is coming back to Sagittarius – the laws of the nature (organic nutrition, vegetarianism) and laws of global community (spiritual and esoteric groups) whose ideas have been issued in negative presentation of the urban life and the greed for power – Capricorn’s weaknesses.

That’s why we long for the Reformer Aquarius who would renew our forgotten foundations. We are looking for a brave rebel that would enlighten dark ideas of the Christianity that every man is the Son of God, not only selected members of the specific church; we want him to create real, equal – federal community state where power and money wouldn’t be of crucial importance (crystallized Capricorn); how close is the idea of European Union, USA, China..?

Misconceptions of contemporary democracy are the representatives in the parliaments whose success in elections is the result of pre-election machinery and interest groups – again negative use of the Capricorn energy.

In its attempts of radical changes Aquarius usually makes a mistake of using negative mechanisms that leads to the revolutionary state. It’s searching for financial sponsorship and powerful protection groups. Since the self-consciousness is still closely connected with the collective, that’s not so weird. The fear of personal insecurity is compensated by great individual gestures. Although inside it feels the awakening of the new “I” it’s still not certain about that voice. It’s not prepared to renounce everything “behind” and everything that it belongs to in order to become the light of the upcoming New Man. In intellectual discussions, with friends or just for show off it is willing to stress the values of the individual, but only few Aquarius have won the fear and became the real Individuals.

This sign depends on social status and as the member of a specific group it has the possibility to use all advantages that the community offers. It’s capable to function as the equal among equals because it found a peace within the collective and it’s not a problem to renounce the power.

At the moment when the organized State in Capricorn comes close to its ideal form, there will appear Aquarius who reflects its ideal wholeness. The period when the creative divine energy will flow directly from Aquarius urn to the souls of the Earth’s population.

However, currently the situation is not that ideal and with the Sun in this sign various individuals were born: destroyer of slavery – Abraham Lincoln, great political and economic reformers – Franklin D. Roosevelt, revolutionary leaders and presidents – Boris Jelcinj, reformers of the history of humankind origin – Charles Darwin, dictators executed in the revolution – Nicolae Ceausescu, astronomy reformer – Galileo Galilei, unique personalities in fashion and music – Josipa Lisac, unstoppable individuals within organized group – Michael Jordan, genius composers – Mozart…

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