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Jupiter and Pluto in opposition

Three opposition of Jupiter and Pluto on axis Cancer/Capricorn was getting closer to its exact position on January 31st 2014 (first on August 7th 2013 and the last on April 20th 2014). With the actual square of Uranus and Pluto, this is by far a more personal aspect that we will be understood more clearly in the context of everyday life.

Oppositions are positions of the aware conflict, sometimes harmful and aggressive, and sometimes for the purpose of objective overview of the other side and what’s bothering us about it. Bare truth of crumbling social values represented by Pluto in Capricorn will get in conflict with families that are represented by Jupiter in Cancer. Home or a house that is presented by Cancer is no longer spacious enough in the days when Jupiter is trying to move the limits. People want to move because now they can objectively overview the social organization – Capricorn in which they live. Jupiter in Cancer feels that it can live somewhere far, i.e. anywhere in the world where business partnership or political inflexibility may take it – Saturn in Scorpio. Axis Cancer/Capricorn within the organization of the country or the state represents the spine or a pillar that holds a certain community. We are in the time when we can very objectively overview the consequences, but also the advantages of the contemporary political organization. We will notice it in microcosm of our own family, local community, social organization or big organization as EU or UN.

The comfort of the home, the security of the familiar/homely and the social position achieved within the circle provided by Jupiter in Cancer is in the real opposition with economic and political organization of Pluto in Capricorn. The opposition demands from us the objective overview of both aspects. How comfortable we feel within the secure? Is it really that bad, or the fear of growing up (Cancer) is so strong that it stops us in this new pushing of the limits? Saturn in Scorpio is in trine with Jupiter and it gives the support through business partnership or any other brave joining, but trine is somehow passive aspect. Opposition will force us to bring decisions. Will we get in conflict with the authorities (Capricorn)? Jupiter in Cancer wants to be in the group, it feels secure in its world of school friends and relatives, it wants to host people…but on the other side there is crystal clear Pluto reflecting as the mirror what it will be like in the near future when in some six years they come again in conjunction. The opposition is a moment of conscious decision, the cognition that we have reached a certain peak after which we need to collect the acquired experiences and redirect the life in a new/more conscious course.

This aspect has been in motion for the last 4-5 months and we’re currently in its middle phase. Example of Ukraine (August 24th 1991, Kiev 17:31h) where there’s a strong conflict on where is home/affiliation, EU or Russia? is the most picturesque. The opposition is happening exactly on the axis Asc/Desc and is forcing each person to question deeply one’s own identity. The search for the new home is a road to death for many people, the problem that culminated the last autumn with the sinking ship of illegal refugees from Africa before Italian coast with the estimated 300 dead – Italy Accident Draws Attention to African Migrants’ Plight. The young are trying to escape from the Mediterranean countries that are collapsing under crisis, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, whereas some less fortunate persons see in the same places their salvation…

Jupiter/Pluto opposition tells us about clearer influence on the organized religions within society, but also within the family. Now some organization “pillars” are set up, when Jupiter enters Leo this new organization will start to transfer on the children. Fanaticism is what’s dangerous in this aspect, objectivity and detachment from the well-established is what is needed to everyone who is asking oneself where to go?

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