At the end of Zodiac there’s completion of one process that opens a path to the birth of new individual with the beginning of spring. Symbolic State that reached its peak in Capricorn now faces final decay due to its exaggerated rigidity. The empire is collapsing because of the burst of “new blood” from barbarians that threaten the proud isolationism.

Christianity puts the beginning of the Lent in the period of Pisces through renunciation of various earthy goods and it’s trying to prepare the man for the Resurrection in spring. The sense of the process in the society is rather lost due to various reasons that are hard to understand. It’s interesting to notice that we are currently in the period of Pisces, i.e. at its very end, completion of “purification” that lasted 2100 years.

The mere periods of completion, purification, lent and collapse indicate that Pisces is the sign in which storms internally occur more intensively than in the form of clear happenings. It’s the period of accepting lack of any form of security and strength to perceive. 

In the opposite sign – Virgo we had to learn how to face results of releasing its energy (creative, physical, in the form of children, in the form of night entertainment…) and accept self-discipline, critique, serving…in order to become a better individual with the purpose of social progress. With Pisces we are facing reformatory and revolutionary procedures of Aquarius and here we have to renounce social benefits and rely on advantages of civilization. We must be ready to “end the story”, face the unknown and to learn to decide. Pisces is the sign where we all should stand alone and learn to listen to the inner Voice. And how hard it is for us?

That’s why in accentuated Pisces we find instable persons that run away from themselves through “glamorous” social life and various opiates. Those are persons who live in the illusion that in the moments of great social crisis they will be saved by technological achievements or other forms of abstract logic (that’s why in Pisces there’s a lot of superstition).  The only solution is to listen to the suppressed inner Voice through which something greater than ourselves speaks; God, Allah…or something else by personal preferences. But, it’s necessary to comprehend that through Pisces the man perceives not only “the wealth of Heaven”, but its poverty as well.

The mind of Pisces is the mind of the critic who tells what should be forgotten, renewed and overcome; social illusions, exaggerated idealism, capricious opinions, revolutionary fetish and scientific materialism. All that led to rebellions in Aquarius now must be abandoned. Day is becoming longer insinuating the birth of the new individual with spring equinox. Those who don’t feel this transition in Pisces become the ones on whose base/victims new individuals are born, but they don’t manage to reach their own Resurrection.

In this last stage of humankind evolution there’s the emerging of subconscious in which complexes accumulate because of incapability to adapt to the environment – from family up to the organized society. Mere complexes emerge due to crystallized fears, blocked energy flow that is manifested in the form of psychological and cancer diseases. In Pisces we are facing all those subconscious problems. Sometimes we manage to overcome them on our own or with the help of therapist/doctor, but in many cases there’s a need for evolution of society that imposed those complexes through outdated traditions and religions. From this interpretation comes the Biblical term “sins of fathers” that is transmitted through seven generations. In our case it’s approximately around the period of strong industrial revolution in the middle of 19th century.

New “birth” in Aries means that the person successfully completed the process of facing its demons; from the sea (symbolically Maria), is liberated from the past.

Pisces are not only romantic and spiritual sign. The fact that in this place hermits withdraw in order to face within themselves the overall suppressed trauma of the humankind demonstrates exceptional braveness. How many overcome that surreal fear before diving into the depth where there’s no visible ground nor clear form?

These are persons that shine with finality, usually keep distance and retrieve from “earthy” topics that can lead to negative introversion that usually has no connection with the real world. Within them there’s constant battle between lonesome blessedness/enlightenment and compassion. Only with the force of compassion it’s possible to reach the enlightenment because there’s no individual salvation of the “chosen”…a big lie of various religious structures.

With these thoughts, I believe it’s not necessary to quote persons born with the sun in Pisces. Pisces are big sea in which everything is melted, without form, but with a deep sense. Here is the promise of rebirth that will redeem everybody without exceptions.

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