In Leo there were first indications of social responsibilities, “going out into the world”, taking up the organization, starting creation through offspring or work of art…in Virgo we analyze the achieved and perceive some faults or exaggerations of proper actions.

Loud self-confidence in Leo leads to dramatic fall, creative work didn’t achieve desired success; the work was excessively exhausting whereas the pregnancy and the care of children showed to be a greater burden for the body than it was expected. With all this, fatigue due to nights out drained out the last reserves of our strength.

In this stage Virgo appears. The symbol of eternal question mark….where to go? At the beginning of this sign, in transition from Leo, we encounter the mysterious Sphinx and we ask her whether it’s possible to avoid physical fatigue, emotional tragedy and self-deception?

There are two answers-solutions that are, at the core, the Sphinx’s secret. Deeper understanding of the Virgo can be accomplished through development of technique-skill or emotional repolarisation. If we successfully get through this stage, it brings the end the autumn equinox, the beginning of Libra in beauty, inner peace and social adaptation.   

The development of skill is based on real knowing of basic principles of a certain procedure which enables the maximum productivity with minimum stress, time consumption and physical and psychological fatigue.  The worker who has in-depth knowledge of his vocation and is able to build it in his physical movements and mental actions is a true master of skill. That’s where some of the strongest Virgo characteristics lie: analyticity, criticism, routine work, cleanliness, body care, hygiene, training.

But to master a certain skill, we must learn from someone who is already The Master, we must become sincere in estimation of own knowledge and possibilities, without prejudices and harmful “pre-knowledge”; we must become clean, like young apprentice.

The term “cleanliness” is very strongly related with the sign of Virgo, but it’s also very unclearly interpreted. To be “clean” means to be what the person essentially is, nothing more or less. “Impurities” that we accumulate throughout life, especially the childhood in the form of various social values, fears, behavior patterns…that don’t belong to our essence, influence negatively lightness of living. Instead of bravely following our path, we try to satisfy pointless and weird pursuits and attitudes.

Virgo is not attempting to be “clean” for the purpose of satisfying current social moral norms, it consciously works on elimination of impurities from the life that distract it in mastering top skills. Unfortunately, there’s objective danger to miscomprehend these two terms in the real life. The mere symbol originates from the terms of physical and spiritual preservation through which the life energy can freely flow, it’s not related to sexual virginity.

With the development of these internal characteristics, the man no longer needs great amount of training and learning – mechanical repetition that are nowadays emphasized too much. Due to personal and social inner illusions, we must accomplish certain knowledge through strenuous exercise, instead of easily adapting to new situations. The real skill is not about the rules that we learnt by heart, but the promptness of adaptability.

The second answer of the Sphinx is behind emotional repolarisation. When in Virgo we ask ourselves why are our children ungrateful, why our followers abandon us and creative work in unaccepted, it’s time for the development of “social intellect”. In insisting that our way of expressing emotions is the right one, that we were entitled to ask all or nothing and impose our conditions to the life, we encountered something larger – the force of the Night, collective energy. In Virgo we learn humility, to see outside our own little ego (sometimes through pain and illness) and we perceive that life energies that pass through us are not ours; they belong to the big Life. It’s a collective discipline, self-sacrifice for the common good, the army that puts together individuals in the representatives of the nation, obedience to higher laws of the universe where we lose our soul in the search of sanctity.

Once we learn these lessons, we come to Initiation. The act itself has many meanings for different areas of life. From receiving the degree by which “The University confirms that we are masters of skills, up to emotional changes in which we are prone to participate – in the bigger Unity; then we are no longer alone.

The loneliness of Virgo is different from the ego loneliness in Leo. Virgo is alone…and it waits…the arrival of bigger humankind community and the answers to questions addressed to the Sphinx.

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