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Conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio

As of October 8th 2013 till November 26th 2013 there ware three exact conjunctions between Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, i.e. the last 50 days ware “coloured” by the symbolic of this aspect. The second exact conjunction on October 30th was especially interesting – it created stellium with the Sun, along the North Moon Node and the solar eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd; but it’s not my intention to write about all possible political connotations of these configurations with the inevitable square of Uranus and Pluto that dominates the sky. Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio have a lot more subtle personal potential, especially because in Scorpio there is Mercury South Node on 18°00′.   

Mercury South node is not the same as Moon South node and the whole thematic is merely in its astrological beginnings. It is interesting out of more reasons, one of them is that within the natal chart it gives points that help us define relation of the Earth (or individual) and a specific planet, in this case Mercury. These are heliocentric points (unlike Moon nodes that are geocentric) and they tell us where the planet rises up from Earth’s ecliptic (South node) and goes down (South node). In practical application, that means that Mercury by transition of North node on 18°00′ of Taurus begins its one year cycle in regards to the Earth, and with the transition of South on 18°00′ of Scorpio that cycle reaches the peak and re-orientation of direction, in this case in the direction of thinking and communication. Each of the one-year cycles of Mercury is followed by three retrograde periods so the final conclusion is that the mindset should be constantly shaken and upgraded. Similar to computers that need to be constantly updated so that they don’t become outdated.

Throughout years of Saturn in Scorpio this mindset restructuring will be followed by its strong influence. Saturn will try to put some limits to playful Mercury, but limits to this water sign are not so clear, they are closer to foggy swamp that surrounds the secure terrain. Its darkness provokes numerous subconscious fears and throughout history some artists have learned to communicate with the world in their particular manner in order to free oneself.

Great medieval artist Caravaggio had in his natal chart the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio with outline of 1.5°. With potentially exact opposition of Moon and Mars on the axis Leo-Aquarius that was giving him life energy and artistic passion, this is the main astrological symbol of his way of communication and character in general. He was using chiaroscuro technique, a dramatic contrast of light and dark completely in accordance with Scorpio’s Mercury that doesn’t use numerous empty words, but intensive and provocative symbols in order to “say out” everything that’s on his heart. Biographers say he was quarrelsome, art historians say that he started the modern painting, his works respire morbid topics, but with the help of Saturn discipline he left paintings that had deep influence on the Baroque artists and the future of painting.

For Scorpio the word “fatal” is very often, with limited deep understanding what it actually means. Maybe the life of great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin is the best example of fatality. Besides Mercury square of Neptune in Gemini and Venus in Virgo, almost the exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn at the beginning of Scorpio is the strongest aspect of his natal chart. He was writing exactly in harmony with this conjunction, with Saturn melancholy on topics of death, poverty, love towards animals, mother…After nervous breakdown and leaving the hospital, he cut his veins and wrote with his own blood the farewell poem and hanged himself at the age of 30.


Goodbye, my friend, goodbye.
My darling, you are in my heart.
The appointed parting
Promises a meeting ahead.

Goodbye, my friend, without hand, without word,
Don’t be sad and don’t upset your brows, —
In this life to die is not new,
But to live, of course, is not newer.

How to use the energy of this conjunction if you are an actor? Is it realistic to expect that such person will be sufficiently talkative for scene performance? Maybe, if he acts in a silent movie and the tool for expression are not words, but face or “The Great Stone Face” -nickname for one of the greatest actors-directors of silent movies and Hollywood in general – Buster Keaton. He acted melancholic and cold characters and restraint from his expression perfectly corresponds to the exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio.

Among artists from this area Emir Kusturica is the most picturesque example with stellium in Scorpio with exact conjunction of Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Moon on Mercury’s South node.

The best way to harmonize the energy of this conjunction in everyday life during almost two months was to communicate by silence, by some other method than conversation. Caravaggio got lost in his quarrelsome nature and died at the age of 38 under mysterious circumstances after years of running away due to inadvertent murder. Yesenin had a tragic end persecuted by Bolshevist government and forbidden for a long time after his death due to “depressive symbolic” of his poems, whereas the fame of Buster Keaton went downhill with the appearance of audio movies and was “drowned” in alcoholism.

There are numerous ways of communication and thinking and exactly when Mercury is retrograde over its South node, it’s the right moment that this becomes clearer to us. Silence is as important as the word, but nowadays society is overwhelmed with unnecessary messages, information, status and too long texts.

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