Saturn in Sagittarius – the indicator of educational crisis

Many critics have been questioning for some time the purpose of contemporary education. The consciousness of the way that the system functions is present with many, but we still blindly believe that the formal education will give us the proper tools which will help us climb up on the social scale. Here comes the Saturn in Sagittarius on the scene.

Planetary symbols in the sky are not in vacuum. Individually they mean something, but clearer picture can be obtained only when we start to interconnect them. This is the time when Pluto is in Capricorn and it will stay there till 2024. The purpose of its transit through this Earth sign is leaving bear the structure of the system which holds our contemporary society. First exposure happened in the field of banking and finances in 2008 and that is the topic that will be permeated through all other crisis fields for the next nine years. It’s time to ask sincerely…how much knowledge, how many books, degrees and courses do we need? Saturn in Sagittarius foreshadows the inevitable crisis of the whole education, especially academic community.

Only five days after the Saturn entered Sagittarius, American billionaire Marc Cuban warned in his interview about the inevitable collapse of the education system in which young people take bigger and bigger loans to acquire diplomas whose purpose is questionable and the real time for paying off the mortgage usually lasts their whole lifetime. Nowadays ex and current students owe to numerous US colleges more than trillion dollars. Financial balloon that is about to explode. Just like the unrealistic pumping of real-estate prices was the initiator of the first crisis in 2008, now the unrealistic presentation of the future that promises the material success through the mere fact that it’s enough to graduate, threatens with another crisis. Saturn will be in square with Neptune in Pisces most of the 2015 and the whole 2016. The combination that destroys institutional illusions and hopes.
Unfortunately, the most endangered group are the young. Already in 2011 UN estimated that in the world there were 81 million people between 18 and 24 years of age that are looking for a job and have three times less chances to find the employment than their older colleagues. In that year China had 6 million young people with diploma in search for a job. There are more and more waiters, parking guardians, chamber maids, gardeners, taxi drivers…with academic diploma, often holding a PhD diploma. For example, according to one research from 2006 in the current dream country – Canada for young and old immigrants out of 50 110 taxi drivers more than 20 000 had a college diploma out of which almost 1800 with MA or PhD. And these are data before the big global crisis and immigration wave.

Crisis is inevitable, but also desirable because it gives us the possibility of evolution. In some period of the past, high education meant shift, step out and really better basis for the life. Nowadays that process is part of Saturn’s structure that keeps us imprisoned and crystallized in our established behavior patterns. Flooding of straight-A students, education that gives no practical knowledge, the curriculum that are out of date and pointless…all this is a clear sign that it’s time for a change. To be a good expert and especially a scientist, doesn’t always mean to obediently obey all obligations without questioning old dogmas and humbly agreeing with authorities. It’s time for Uranus in us, people of Prometheus’ courage that rebel and impertinently oppose what everyone reads, highlights and repeats like parrots because the happiness lies in disobedience just like our famous columnist realized on the day when Saturn entered Sagittarius.

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