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Conjunction of retrograde Mercury and Neptune or the image of female and male mind

This Thursday, February 6th 2014, Mercury is moving retrograde, but this time from the almost exact conjunction with Neptune. Degrees from which a certain planet moves retrograde are of great significance for that period because in some way these are sensitive spots of that cycle and they give a deeper explanation of the actual cycle meaning. Mercury retrograde movements tell us about mental harmonization – Retrograde Mercury and science, and this time it will be with a strong Neptune influence.

Mercury is in Pisces, Neptune is in Pisces, both planets are at the end of Zodiac, in the sign where everything comes down to some absurd ending. Here everything is said, so Mercury remains only with the silence because it dived into the deep Pisces ocean and it connected with its deity Neptune. Communication below the water cannot be verbal, it can be symbolic, visual, through look, smile or gesticulation. Maybe even telepathy or dream. Words are not enough here, i.e. they are not possible. The loud silence reigns just like during diving when with each meter the pressure and pain in ears grows and each opening of the mouth can be the loss of the air and swallowing of the sea. We have to give in somewhere while Mercury is in Pisces. We will lack air if we try to explain something, there’s only the sound of the sea and slow movements of the speaker. In the world of Pisces and Neptune we talk intuitively. And just as the last cycle of the retrograde Mercury was connected to Saturn and structuring – Conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, so is this one with the erosion of the communication patterns. Here we talk with emotions, we finish the stories that isolate one from another because Neptune knows no limits. In the sea everything melts and dissolves. A grain of salt in just a few seconds, the stone throughout thousand years.   

 Neptune is asking Mercury…are words the only way of conversation? Don’t you know how to enjoy the silence? Conversation is over, the only thing that remains is the feeling. After silent absorption of the feeling we receive what is familiar and discard the unnecessary because after Pisces comes Aries and the beginning of something new.

In the 14 years of Neptune in Pisces up to 2026 this is the only period when Mercury moves retrograde from the conjunction with Neptune, although not the last one that moves retrograde in Pisces. Children that will be born in these days will carry within the potential to communicate with something that we like to call “higher levels of consciousness”. Will they understand what they’re being told? Will we understand what we’re being told in the next 20 days? Mere symbols  4° Pisces on which Mercury starts its retrograde cycle say…”big car traffic across narrow coating that connects two coastwise gatherings” (Sabian) or “a man holds in his hand one side of the rope, whereas the other one is somewhere far in the sky” (Charubel). It’s a moment for communication with that other side over “the narrow coating” or “the rope” that seemingly leads only to the sky. And what makes a greater difference among men and women than their way of communication? Loud, resolute with scarce words or more complex with a lot of symbolic and hidden meaning?

When we study history we study male history…I heard it once in the interview given by a woman. Generals, battles, negotiations, sunken ship and dethroned kings. Women have supporting roles – princesses, mistresses, nurses and famous actresses, but just like in communication, male history is louder and clearer at the first glance, whereas female history is a lot more subtle and symbolic. We hear louder the sound of a noisy car machine than the cook that is preparing a lunch for the driver…

During the last stay of Neptune in Pisces in the middle of the 19th century one man – Rudolf Diesel and one woman – Fannie Farmer were born. Both are born with strong conjunction of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces and both have communicated in a special way with the humankind leaving indelible trace on nowadays civilization.

In the last decade of the 19th century there was a conjunction of Neptune and Pluto. This is a rare astrological/astronomic phenomenon and it repeats approximately each 500 years. During these conjunctions the humankind experiences a big shift in its existence through various social, economic or technological changes. It’s enough to say that was the period of first hydroelectric power plants, film, electromagnetic radiation, beginnings of quantum physics…Conjunction influence is usually not clearly visible at the start, but it requires a process of development through other aspects which is specifically visible with conjunction of Neptune and Pluto and the direction which the world progressed after its development in 1890’s.

In 1893 Rudolf Diesel published the work on the topic of internal combustion engine that has its name – Diesel engine which is still nowadays one of the main civilization movers. He communicated with Neptune and replaced horses with cars in which we race nowadays, whereas Neptune’s oil/petroleum became the fuel.

 Who was Fannie Farmer? In 1896 she published “The Boston Cooking-School Cookbook” which is still in sale today. She was the first one to introduce strict culinary measures; spoon of this, cup of that, and in the introduction to the book she says:

“It is my wish that [the cookbook] may not only be looked upon as a compilation of tried and tested recipes, but that it may awaken an interest through its condensed scientific knowledge which will lead to deeper thought and broader study of what to eat.”

Fannie Farmer is in some way the mother of modern nutrition. She trained hospital cooks and nurses, held lectures in medical school on Harvard while the pioneer doctor in diabetes research Dr. Elliot P. Joslin (1869 – 1962) named her as the inspiration for his further work. Her approach that connected the food and science through the book of recipes (Mercury) with Neptune’s chemistry has left a subtle, female influence on the future that we witness today where it became unthinkable to have a TV program, internet portal or any other form of newspapers where the food and recipes connected with their nutritive value are not one of the main topics.

Male and female communication? Neptune does not recognize these differences, it dissolves them, immediately after the rocky shores.

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