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Retrograde Mercury and science

The upcoming Mercury retrograde motion between October 21st 2013 and November 10th 2013 is a popular topic among astrologers, especially for listing what „not to do“ and what „to do“ in the next three weeks. Maybe it’s a bit unexpected that scientists also, although unconsciously, participate in upgrading this astrological phenomenon. 

Mercury retrograde gives the necessary calmness to hasty mind enabling the demanded reset, cleaning of the “old manuscripts”, wasted ways of communication and expression. There are many variations, both individual and social, and the mere cycle of transition from direct to retrograde motion is far more complex than the small letter “r” with the symbol of planet. Besides that, retrograde motion through Scorpio is additionally interesting because there is Mercury South Node (Conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio) on 18°00′, exactly where Mercury will now go retrograde. Everything indicates that something interesting might happen, but the question is where?

On Friday October 18th 2103 while Mercury was in its stationary phase on its South Node and it almost completely “stopped” motion through Zodiac before the transition to retrograde motion, the article “Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from Adult Brain” was published  in one of the most famous and appreciated scientific magazines Science. Summary is hard to understand, except for a small group of people that deal with this topic, but putting it simply, scientists showed on laboratory mice that sleep serves for cleaning the brain from unnecessary elements among which are metabolic toxins of brain cells and damaged proteins. During sleep brain cells shrink which enables CSF (brain and spinal liquid) to enter intracellular space, wash out toxins and direct it to the liver for metabolizing. These are interesting findings, especially for curing Alzheimer’s and Perkin’s disease. For example, Alzheimer patients accumulate damaged proteins in brain which causes dementia and eventually death with hard brain damages, changes of character and behavior…

Sleep is not necessary only to improve the connection between brain cells and to strengthen the memory in that way; its role is to “purify” us which is by far more logical explanation for the animal world where sleep is actually the exposure to other predators. That function must be a lot more important when it’s done without condition even in animal kingdom.

Renovating the process of thinking and communication is of vital significance. It’s necessary to perform it constantly without shutting the mind in stiff viewpoints and archaic languages. There lies the key to understanding retrograde Mercury, and in this moment there’s the addition of a very appropriate Scorpio process of “waste cleanup”. Wasted thoughts poison us and don’t let us live the normal life. Spiritualists realized this long time ago, and apparently, scientists are getting close to the same conclusion.

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