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Somewhat forgotten, in between Sun eclipse, Uranus and Pluto Square and big stelium at the beginning of Scorpio, there was Venus at the end of Sagittarius. Usually those things that are near we take for granted; that’s also the case with Venus that holds a complex mystery of symbolism and impressively regular motion. 

Observing from the Earth, there is a cycle of 584 days in between Sun and Venus, from the moment when Venus and Sun are in the conjunction and Venus is positioned between Earth and Sun – known as the inferior conjunction. Conjunction happens when Venus is in retrograde motion after which it appears in the sky as the morning star – Lucifer. Step by step, in regular intervals, Venus ostensibly moves further and further from the Sun up to its maximum morning distance and further to superior conjunction after which it becomes the evening star Hesperus. As the evening star we can observe it in the sky every day after the sunset in the West up to the maximum evening distance that is never greater than approximately 47.5° from the Sun. Once within those 584 days Venus moves farthest to the West from our star. That one day takes message of the Sun at maximally visible point from our geocentric viewpoint. In that one day it’s possible to perceive everything that Venus represents from the “crisis of values” viewpoint. That was on November 1st 2013. And not only that Venus was on 26°1′ of Sagittarius in conjunction with Galactic Centre, the big black hole of our galaxy that symbolically represents for Milky Way something similar as the Sun in our planetary system. And solar eclipse was on November 3rd 2013, as if the Sun shortly surrendered Venus to Galactic Centre and so the “distant” Venus could gain a lot more universal message from the centre of our galaxy…

Venus doesn’t represent only the passion, romance, falling in love, aesthetics…and other phrases usually piled randomly without sense or order. First of all it represents our system of values on which we build the attitude whether someone or something is beautiful, valuable, financially profitable. Distant evening Venus should be indication of crisis of values and in natal charts of individuals indication whether he or she could set some new standards of beautiful and valuable with their work; and the ideal area for this are movies and theaters…

One of the most famous motion picture producers and businessman in Hollywood, Walt Disney (5.12.1901, Chicago, 00:35h), was born with maximally distant evening Venus. He holds the record of 22 won Oscar Awards from 59 nominations. He left behind numerous animated movie characters that changed children’s lives forever. In natal chart his Venus is at the beginning of 5th house, the house of creative expression, in practical Capricorn that transforms ideas in concrete work such as animated movies, documentaries, amusement parks…

Although it’s not his work, Petar Pan fits perfectly in the world of Disney parks. His author J.M.Barrie (9.5.1860, Kirriemuir, 6:30h) was born with Venus Hesperus exactly on ascendant at the beginning of Cancer. Cancer doesn’t like to grow up, i.e., they love to have some hidden corner of eternal childhood and security – Neverland. In the moment when Peter Pan was for the first time performed in the theater 1904 it was considered as the criticism of family life in Victorian age of strict morality where the author tried to set new values in the rigid reality.

Just as producers and screenwriters, cinematographers are also in the shadow. Jack Cardiff (18.9.1914., Great Yarmouth) is considered to be one of the greatest. He was the first to make colour movie in United Kingdom (1937), and its deep influence on cinematography is posthumously presented in the documentary that was filmed for 17 years – Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff. We can say that his viewpoint on aesthetics brought revolution through color on movie screen. Movie that won the Oscar in 1947Black Narcissus – is a pioneer work in the world of cinematography with masterfully evoked colors. His Venus Hesperus is on 11° of Scorpio, exactly where there was the last Sun eclipse, with strong square towards Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus in Aquarius.

Maximal evening distance of Venus isn’t symbolic tool that is often used in astrology and a lot of experience is needed not to pay too much importance to it, but just as other planetary positions and configurations,…it is certainly indication, but surely not a promise or a guarantee whether the person will be a great producer or unrealized artist.

Maximum evening elongation in the past 50 years:

Date Venus position Date Venus position Date Venus position
29.1.1961. 26°05’ Pisces 5.4.1980. 1°49’ Gemini 17.1.2001. 14°17’ Pisces
3.9.1962. 26°57’ Libra 11.11.1981. 5°40’ Capricorn 22.8.2002. 15°15’ Libra
10.4.1964. 6°15’ Gemini 16.6.1983. 9°57’ Leo 29.3.2004. 25°15’ Taurus
15.11.1965. 10°23’ Capricorn 22.1.1985. 19°03’ Pisces 3.11.2005. 28°29’ Sagittarius
21.6.1967. 14°19’ Leo 27.8.1986. 19°50’ Libra 9.6.2007. 3°16’ Leo
26.1.1969. 23°47’ Pisces 3.4.1988. 29°38’ Taurus 14.1.2009. 11°59’ Pisces
1.9.1970. 24°34’ Libra 8.11.1989. 3°19’ Capricorn 20.8.2010. 12°59’ Libra
8.4.1972. 4°02’ Gemini 13.6.1991. 7°43’ Leo 27.3.2012. 23°00’ Taurus
13.11.1973. 8°01’ Capricorn 19.1.1993. 16°40’ Pisces 1.11.2013. 26°01’ Sagittarius
18.6.1975. 12°10’ Leo 24.8.1994. 17°33’ Libra 6.6.2015. 1°05’ Leo
24.1.1977. 21°26’ Pisces 1.4.1996. 27°28’ Taurus
29.8.1978. 22°11’ Libra 6.11.1997. 0°55’ Capricorn
11.6.1999. 5°29’ Leo

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