For insufficiently clear reason, Scorpio is usually perceived as the most negative sign of the Zodiac. Although that interpretation is completely absurd, it describes rather the humankind than the sign itself. Somewhere in course of time, out of complex motives, the symbolism for this phase of the day is little poisonous arthropod that can hardly be connected with the evolution of human spirit. Actually, eagle or phoenix would be the appropriate symbol here…

Primitive state of mind is threatened by the upcoming Night that more and more predominates over weakening human individuality. With the disappearance of vegetation we are afraid of the winter that is coming and the “death” of living world under the winter cover. In Scorpio the first frost covers the fallen leaves creating in the following months fertile soil for development of the new individual in springtime. But before that, the new collective must be created…

The idea of the ideal society that is conceived in Libra now must become the concrete driving force and sex is one of the main manifestations of this force.

Throughout the history of Christianity terms of sex related to reproduction – Taurus, and sex without purpose of reproduction – Scorpio, were never clearly separated. The symbolism of Taurus is related to spring, awakening of life energy and maximum expression of emotional charge. It’s a pure urge without direct role in the collective; pure expression and satisfaction of biological needs.

Opposite of Taurus there is Scorpio that denotes this same process, but no longer in building of the individuality, but as the need of individual to merge in the absolute unity with other individuals for the purpose of creating the bigger whole. Here begins the complete domination of the wish to be something greater than just Me. The key to this accomplishment is through sex in mature life stage that brings us to self-denial and deep unity with the One. Therefore, tantric yoga developed special rituals to channel this energy.

The question is…how to become more than just Me?

One of the ways is searching “the ideal partner” with whom, in romantic unity, all intimate limits are broken and a higher state of mind is achieved. The urge, but also the complex, that nowadays burdens a lot of people.

The other possibility is union with some Big Whole, in Christianity it is the dedication of individuals to the Church. Nowadays this process is full of negative connotations, but in its essence it hides the way of achieving divine consciousness through some community. The person surrenders to the Big Whole and “fertilizes” and “is fertilized” through spirit and intellect.

Unfortunately, in Scorpio these values are usually distorted. Weaker and weaker strength of Day/ego subconsciously rejects this action and instead of life in bigger collective, redirects the strength of that collective to itself for the purpose of material and social power. Trade/exchange – created in the stage of Libra, in the stage of Scorpio results with fruits. Abuse of these fruits through politics, criminal and provocation of massive passions creates the sin against society. Those individuals are not capable of connecting their destiny with the common good and they become tumors on the body of society.

Similar problems appear on the sexual level with persons who constantly seek fleeting pleasure and therefore end in self-deception that they belong to something bigger. They try to enter the collective egoistically, without success to reach the real level of intimacy which creates inner sexual disorders.

These both negative approaches generate negative characteristics of this sign: hatred towards society or towards the whole life. But Scorpio is not the exclusive negative figure of the Zodiac. Similar and by far greater negativities are expressed in other signs as well. Scorpio’s characteristic is that it very easily identifies with social passions that automatically become its own. Unfortunately, passions of current society are usually destructive, so is the Scorpio. The mirror of humankind, obsessive sexuality, greed for social influence…instead of Phoenix where new life is born from the fire that broke all limits.

Scorpio is one of the 4 signs of power in Zodiac and it gives birth to great Avatars of the humankind that announce complete unity with something by far bigger. Just like in every stage, there are different ways of expressing own “mission”…Martin Luther, Sai Baba, Baha’ullah (the founder of Bahaism), Nehru, Bill Gates, Picasso, Marie Curie, Carl Sagan, Dostojevski, Goebbels, Lav Trocki…

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