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Love in horoscope, reality or illusion?

It’s almost certain that without the topic of love the interest in astrology would be at least the half. It’s a theme that interests us and brings us the biggest joy and as well as depressions. For love we break the limits and do unimaginable compromises whereas our happiness or sadness cannot be measured.

But is it possible to find or understand the love with the help of astrology? For many people the first encounter with the horoscope is superficial comparison of two Sun signs. “What is your star sign? Aquarius? No? ! What a shame…Mine is Leo and I heard that we are an excellent match…” There are many similar situations, and those questions make no sense. Why would two specific Sun signs match better than some others? There’s almost equal number of examples that confirm both thesis. One possible solution is that it’s all nonsense, or that there’s something a lot more complex than the mere significance of Leo and Aquarius. It’s necessary to compare natal charts.

One of the first prejudices to be thrown away in the comparative astrology is that we all want the same from love. Strong media pressure stresses out sexual-romantic aspect of love. And although it may seem to be the dominant and the most important part of the relationship, we realize very soon that the situation is not that simple.

Man and woman on this planet were born incomplete for some (religious?) reason. They feel the strong need to “unite”. At the beginning it is some form of adolescent romance where the concept of love is far beyond a specific person, whereas with time we develop very specific feelings for a certain type of person or exclusively determined person. That’s when we say we’re in love, that person becomes part of us and it’s hard to imagine the life without her. All up to the moment when emotional fascination fades away and we’re trying to escape in somebody else’s arms…Only some individuals manage to preserve the feeling of deep connection with the partner.

Individual’s natal chart can be considered in two parts. First part, 1st – 6th house is the area of individuality development. There we develop as the individual, we perceive some of our own characteristics, values as well as flaws. All up to the end of 6th house when we need to learn how to serve. At the transition from the 6th to 7th house the person cannot continue on her own and is left with several options: marriage/relationship that goes beyond optional romance and giving oneself for the purpose of communion. The ego must be broken and we must show that the experiences from the 6th house taught us how to serve. This is not the area of two partners in formal relationship who live like two inadaptable individuals. No matter how hard this relationship may seem to modern people, this is a lot easier option than the other two.

The second possibility is that the person becomes “a master of her craft”. This option has hidden traps. The master of own craft is enlightened individual who brought to perfection the work ethics for the purpose of greater value. That can be an exceptional craftsman, dedicated physician, visionary politician, hospitable housewife…it’s certainly not a careerist focused on making money.

The last option is the real spiritual life. In Christianity it’s a metaphorical marriage with the church, dedication to God, asceticism, meditation…It’s not an easy road for modern people. That’s why persons like Mother Theresa are quite rare these days.

Therefore, most of the people are left with the option of evolution through the love for a specific person. Love through which they will sincerely unite in one which leads to a more profound development of energies from 7th to 12th house.

Thus the process of ego destruction (Saturn-Uranus cycles) is one of the crucial elements in enabling man for sincere love. And it is something we’re trying to escape. Glorification of the individuality of the Western civilization brought us in the condition that the masses of scared people wander from one fortune teller to another, from astrologer to spiritual guru hoping to find salvation from the loneliness. Through furious waste of life for earning money, building the cult of own personality, opiates, superficially glamorous social relationships or exotic journeys-escapes we’re only cementing the hard armor of the illusion that we call “I”.

How can astrology help?

It can explain the person in which areas of life she should metaphorically allow the life to “break”. Which are those areas of destructive existence with the least resistance. It can awake individuals to realize that some of their current relationships have no purpose of romance and reproduction, but inducing the most hidden weaknesses by one of the most powerful means – love for another person. It is one of the most common situations. Many couples wonder why are they still together, what keeps them together of there’s no more flame between them? The answer is very simple, they are together until they outgrow their most down to Earth characteristics. Unfortunately, some persons need a whole life to realize that. Lessons are various, just as the individuals who experience them. Some need to learn to how to give in to another person, or how to finally come out of the safe nest to the real life, others must realize that all energy spent on the work should be focused on family, some people have children just to escape the insecurity of making true friendships whereas others keep making infinite network of social relationships to avoid the topic of parenthood. Those who easily jump into relationships should perhaps get the courage to spend a part of the life alone, in real self-building, whereas those who are only reading should show in practice the knowledge they acquired from all those books.

Astrology can help an emotionally confused individual to distinguish the concept of “being in love” and “loving somebody” because the state of being in love is usually hysterical condition of great expectations from the other person mixed with possessiveness and illusionary longing for the safe feeling. It’s a relationship of Venus and Mars without the complete understanding of the existence. The real love is few steps behind the ego – Saturn, in the sea of Neptune from whose foam Venus emerged. Not for the purpose of idolatry, but attraction to the “sea” where the ego dissolves and the person who loves perceives all ups and downs, crises and delights as a part of human existence.

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