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To which time do we belong?

Maybe this is one of the most complex questions that an average person can ask himself. The possibility to perceive time in continuity is a very abstract concept and very few people dedicate their life to this topic. But it is immensely important for each of us to understand in which period we are. Because there is a time conditioned by external influences according to which we celebrate birthdays, go through seasons etc. but there is also individual time that gives us the possibility of personal development within a larger whole. And that larger whole is the humankind.

Idea is not mine, only some parts, but for sure it is one of the deepest outlooks on human development in general and each man should at least stop for the moment and contemplate on it. Dane Rudhyar wrote about it in the last chapter of his book “The Lunation Cycle” published in 1967. The topic is inevitably related to astrology, but it is presented in numerous historical documents, social happenings, religions, art, mythology and even some alternative approaches to nutrition.

Thanks to film industry and theatre performances most of the people are familiar with Age of Aquarius on whose threshold allegedly we are just now. But what does that mean?

During Earth’s rotation around its axis there’s a slight rotation of the axis itself. This astronomical concept is known by the name precession and for one full circle of axis it takes approximately 25 868 years (known as the Platonic year). Some 2000 years ago on the first day of spring the Earth’s axis coincided with the first degree of constellation Aries, but gradually these two points were separated and the axis (moving backwards) was moving slowly through Pisces.

Considering the fact that cosmic cycles are not strictly separated units there’s no exact date when this transition happened. It is considered that it was somewhat before the beginning of new era, indicated by the appearance of Christianity and Jesus that were deeply characterized by the symbol of fish – water baptism, fish as the first symbol of Christianity, walking on the water, turning water into wine, feeding the masses with fish and bread…

By the division of Platonic’s year on 12 “months” we come to the number of approximately 2155 years which should correspond to one era. Here we have again dissent about viewpoint on time – was the birth of Jesus exactly on the year zero of the new era or somewhat before. On the basis of more detailed explanations (expanded in the book “Astrological Timing”) Rudhyar claims that the beginning of Pisces age is about 100th year before new era.

If we add to that moment 2155 years, which is the assumed duration of one era, we may conclude that now we are in the age of Pisces in the last 50 years. The most interesting part of this thesis is that each cycle has its prephase that presents a short period before the new cycle in which the seed of a new era is created. Or, to be clearer, it’s the time when old structures are demolished, the past is released and there’s a preparation for the new beginning that will be as new and of the same quality as its prephase.

One of the main postulates of astrology is related to the connection of micro and macro cosmos. One era of 2155 years represents one “month” of big Platonic year, and each month has 30 “days”. By division of era to “days” we come to 71.5 year that is equivalent to one “day” of big Plato’s year.

About 2059. marks the start of new Age of Aquarius (coincides with the period when the star Polaris will be exactly above the Earth axis) and we are now in its prephase. The phase of final preparation through which each cycles passes in its last 3 “days” regardless of their real duration. It’s a period when Max and Engels meet and publish in 1848 “Communist Manifesto”, romanticism in the art – especially music – that tears down old music forms, and the appearance of Baha’ism – the last big monotheistic religion.  Later on one “day” the 1st World War starts and the creation of the first communist country – Soviet Union. All that with the sounds of new musical turning point – jazz, created in multiply symbolic city New Orleans. And first attempts of the uniting of the world through foundation of “League of Nations” belong to this beginning.

The last “day”, in which we are now, started in the end of 1980’s – with demolition of Berlin Wall and downfall of communist governments, the wars in Balkans and re-awakening of the nationalism (similar as in 1840’s). This time with deafeningly strong and severe rhythm of new electronic music.

And, does this cycle make any sense to rational mind used to tables, graphs and results in decimal accuracy? How many of us can actually realize what it means to live at the end of one cycle and what is our responsibility? Symbolism of communism – ideas of equality, music – reflection of mankind soul and nationalism – rigid position within the frame of fear, are not stated here by case. The Age of Aquarius, in its ideal form, talks about equality and global society without limits. Most of us won’t experience that time or it will be at the end of our life. However, each individual participates in that time as the seed from which the better mankind will be created. Seed of ideas, seed of procedures, silent work, individual victims, raising new generations, helping others, forgiving, consciousness that we are just a part of one greater whole that existed before us, but its future is not guaranteed and it depends on us as well.

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