Restless Aries creek has reached fertile Taurus plains and it continues to flow…to Gemini estuary.

In Gemini the humankind seeks to expand and create interpersonal relationships; and relationships in general, even on the level of individual internal connection. Its whole being is longing to expand the areas of experience. One of the first steps is education, meeting peers and through interaction with peers getting to know unknown people and objects.

The length of night reaches its minimum in the period of Gemini and represents those thin, but still strong and present connections that bind young man to family and collective tradition. Regardless of resistance from the young people, those connections are still there, paradoxically reinforced by that resistance. It’s because we get freedom from something only when we consciously fulfill it, accept it and abandon it once we have constructively built in those experiences in our personalities. Here is the creation of currently invisible complexes of family life that, in a future, a young person will build in its own family.

But youth currently has no time for a burden of internal complexes; it’s in a hurry after new connections. On biological level feelings of connection are achieved through nervous stimuli, whereas on mental through memory, analysis, forming of mental pictures that result in creation of words.  

Language is in its initial stage. The poet is expressing himself through the art of putting words together. It significantly differs from Sagittarius that tries to express the value of society through philosophy.

In the world full of impressions, experiences and information, Gemini classifies, longs for numbered order, logics, categorizations and putting things in relevant framework. Out of such achieved systematic, it perceives good-bad differences, and with the help of words it protects from the unexpected surprise. To know someone’s name, at least to some extent, gives the feeling of security. From that need for intellectual security originate Greek logics and modern science conceived in Descartes philosophy. Logics protects us from insecurity in own identity.

Gemini is the one who “gives names”, i.e. knows the “real name” of someone or something and in that way it can be controlled. It’s the Magician’s power that used to be expressed through various actions, for example, abracadabra…

In this stage of development a man feels the upcoming strength of the Night and he knows he has to face it. He’s preparing to build a home where he’ll await the stranger, but also the Loved one. The society created marriage, home, family, monogamy in order to control its own encounter with the other. Unlike Aries fear of drowning back to the past, Gemini fears to lose all experience unless it creates structure, foundations and formulations.

Through symbolism of the earth in Taurus, each individual gets in contact with the other through “roots” of existence – physical contact, food, sex. In the area of Gemini, we move to the other type of connection – through the air that we breathe. Because the whole humankind breathes the same air. What you have just breathed into your lungs, only few minutes before, perhaps it was in the lungs of another person with whom you wouldn’t speak a word. However, no matter how high walls we build around our ego and escape to isolation, the air is mocking these attempts and it’s becoming a true strength of connection in the first air sign of the Zodiac.

Gemini thinks “psychologically”, unlike Sagittarius that thinks socially. They build with words because the character must grow through that experience so they would learn to be autonomous and independent persons.

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