The first day of summer brings the moment of big reorientation. The length of day reached its maximum and now it slowly gives the dominance to Night. River merges into the sea.

Individual development comes to its fulfillment, at least in ideal scenery. In the stage of Cancer humankind stops the expansion through the individual; moreover, it’s time to give deeper sense to numerous contacts achieved in Gemini. Cancer interrupts Gemini’s ardent need to meet and talk to everyone. Limits are reached, the Sun stops on the Northern sky and starts moving towards the South. Before the return, it makes one short break, a moment of special internal peace…

At the moment when the Universe seems to stop, in that infinitely small time fraction, the man receives the universal-Divine energy. To feel it consciously, he must open to new levels of existence outside individual spheres that are reached in Gemini. He must open to values of larger social community and universe. Ways in which one opens are numerous and in accordance with our individual needs. However, it’s accomplished only if the person reaches a certain level of freedom from the consequences imposed by parents, ancestors, the past, the nation or (for those that believe) karma. Unfortunately, nowadays the man is covered with traumatic memories, both conscious and subconscious, through Aries irrational fears, Taurus biologically-racist inertia and possessiveness, Gemini rigid intellectualism. Therefore, facing the Divine energy of a greater collective in Cancer is not easy at all. Nationalism, as one of the most destructive ideas of the humankind, is one of the weakest points of Cancer and an example how individuals who are scared of universal society hide in their small groups and trick themselves that they belong to something greater.

To facilitate this transition from the individual to universal, society created a series of rituals, one of the basic is marriage. Marriage that results with a deep partnership, children, social roles…However, is the marriage necessary? For most of the people, yes. The man who grew up in fear needs somebody to love, to share “better and worse”, to learn how to compromise and surrender ego. On the other hand, for those few enlightened, there’s another way. Through initiation, complete consciousness to be what each of us in his/her own truth is – lens that focuses Life.

The lesson that we learn through transition from Gemini to Cancer speaks about the need to stop stubbornly pushing on the way of individual development. It’s time to give one part to the society; for the most of the people that means starting a family. Those whose consciousness is disturbed experience awakening of turbulent emotions planted in national-religious affiliation, massive loyalty to different dictators, Prophets that speak about “truth about God”…- a completely failed idea in the sign of Cancer, sea creature – symbol of collective, universal life matrix from which we all originate and to which we all return.

Symbol of Cancer is symbol of man “fertilized by Divine”, symbol of Sacred Place where the God came down. Cancer is often related to moodiness, sudden mood swings. They come under the influence of universal life that awakens within them. Sensitive individuals react differently; from romantic breaks, nausea at the beginning of pregnancy, hallucinations, glamorous lies…up to holding on to a special feeling, home, form, jealousy and possessiveness. All those confusions of emotions experienced by men and women born from fear, at the beginning of new community in which they fear consequences of “the change of life focus” from one to two.

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