In Gemini the man tried to accomplish connection on personal level, through nervous system, logic of the mind, creation of mechanism that can explain functioning of various surrounding phenomena. Its polar opposite – Sagittarius – has the same attempts, but in far larger area of social community. Individuality is minimized, almost everything is subordinated to the collective. Here we have the appearance of social movements, fanaticism, martyrdom, and intolerance of the individual, willingness to sacrifice for the purpose of some higher ideals – pilgrimage and deep religiousness as one of the main examples.

Sagittarius is trying to create „network“ that will serve as a nervous system on higher level. In the beginning those were telegraph and phone lines, nowadays it’s omnipresent internet. Laws, rules and customs that enable functioning of society have similar purpose. Intellectual  energy is extremely strong, it puts in function everything that is learned and experienced. Energy created in Scorpio by blending two in one in Sagittarius is already embedded in organism that must decide how to use it. For the benefit of community, expansion of spiritual and intellectual horizons, far journeys that will refine it or destructiveness in any form that destroys the individual for the purpose of false values.

The ancient symbol of this sign is Centaur, half man, half horse. Symbolism of the horse is very interesting because in almost every civilization it describes the special strength, the one that can be tamed and that can expand area of performance. Unlike Taurus primordial sexuality that rules the individual until it’s defeated by asceticism, or it fulfills the purpose of reproduction.

One half of Sagittarius is strength and the other half is the one who is using that strength.  With bow and arrow at the angle of 45 degrees it directs that energy towards its own maximum.

All that strength was collected through various interpersonal relationships – sex, trade, art, business ventures…and his main problem is how to direct it properly. The answer is in arrow direction, to the sky.

That’s why persons with accentuated Sagittarius feel the need to deal with organization and directing energy. Sagittarius is the Prime Minister, Capricorn is the King/President and Aquarius the Reformer.  

It is unyielding, stubborn, everything has to aligned with the schedule and ethics. It’s not really motivated by the abstract ideals, it tries to get the maximum of what he has. There are no new inventions, just interpretation of the premeditated. It slowly reaches the target, without losing the feeling for itself. It is grounded, a half horse that draws the energy from the earth.

That is one of the main reasons why Sagittarius likes to exercise and develop physical strength. It also likes to work with big groups of people so that they can „feel“ the society. It needs open space and big places, otherwise it becomes low-spirited and sensitive.

Organized religion is one of main Sagittarius links. That is where its characteristics reach the maximum: social strength, deep connection within bigger community, precisely defined rituals and ethics, leadership focused on specific person – The Priest who gives the possibility of redemption and denotes the soul of collective, The Perfect Man, Son of God. On the other hand, all negative aspects of religion are also present in Sagittarius – fanaticism and Puritanism where every sacrifice of „less important“ individual is acceptable. Negligence of individual rights is very strong; Sagittarius usually demands for itself and others unreal asceticism that leads to cruelty. Typical historical example of this deformation is Spanish Inquisition.     

Sophisticated Sagittarius energy is manifested in philosophy and metaphysics, the ability to connect social and natural occurrences. With that knowledge Sagittarius becomes „time interpreter“ and intuitively feels the needs of its community.

Weak link with its own individual aspect sometimes in this sign results in seeking excitement through violence in order to regain the feeling of its I. Day/ego is on its minimum, it needs only a bit of adrenaline to create the illusion of the strength that is usually more cruel from the one in Scorpio as it is entwined with Sagittarius strong intellectualism.

This is a phase before Christmas and winter equinox. Under the snow that covered the earth and in white silence, cosmic connections have been completed. One era is closed and the new era begins at the end of Sagittarius that is preparing for the birth of Living God.

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