After two important levels of humankind evolution in the stage of Cancer with the clear focus on specific contacts/relationships and responsibility towards the other person in a bigger community, it’s time for Leo.

Leo is the second sign in which the length of Day becomes shorter and Night slowly predominates. Night – the symbol of “the energy that connects” different individuals in creation of bigger social groups. The process initiated in Cancer through symbolism of home and family, culminates in Capricorn with symbolism of completely organized State. Through the sign of Leo two people, man and woman, after starting a home move on to creation of offspring. It’s a moment of taking new social responsibilities, a lot stronger then before because parenthood becomes a bond that cannot be easily broken. For the first time the youth haste and bounce encounter time flow. Women experience it from the moment of conception up to the birth, men through the fatherhood responsibility. In modern society this process is partly disturbed, but it still serves as a model of natural human evolution.

Leo is the sign of emotions, unlike Cancer that is connected with emotions. In Cancer, feelings are stimuli on biological level; whether someone/somebody is good or bad in relation to us. That causes muscle straining, rapid or slow pulse, glands secrete certain hormones…In Leo there’s a creation of emotions that result in a certain action (laughter, kiss, tears…) or suppression of those feelings.

With Leo there’s the first clear creation of “I” through feelings of pain – developed in Cancer that separates us from different “I”. This separation starts through frustration of not possessing what we need or want. It’s a beginning of self-expression that is very successful for Leos, although sometimes they are melodramatic and egoistic. Leos “abandon” Cancer house and go to the world, but with insufficiently developed I which urges them to somewhat theatrical appearance during the building of own social image.  

With development of social awareness there’s also the need to participate in social activities. For this sign it’s not sufficient just to participate. It wants to leave a permanent impact on the society, that’s why it usually overdrives in its approach. Leo thinks it’s “the one” whom everybody must immediately recognize due to its importance, and bow before its skills, give presents of richness and power that it can share with its “noble” family.  The key point for Leo is to “dramatically express the personality as the manner of reaching social recognition and increase of self-confidence as the important social factor”. In Aries the aggressiveness is the result of inner individual insecurity, whereas in Leo the theatrical need to be the leader and its excessive generosity reflect social insecurity.

Negative expression of this insecurity comes in the form of dictators and excessive tendency towards risk and gamble. It’s not capable to cooperate with people, so it must lead them through propaganda and the dramatizing of own personality. They have “big speeches”, raise the crowd, radiate like the Sun on everything around them generously giving life to everyone in need, but if you come close to them, they can burn you with their ego/radiation. There are numerous examples of both positive and negative appearances with persons born with the Sun in Leo…Mussolini, Napoleon, Milošević, Bill Clinton, Cezar, Fidel Castro, Barack Obama, Coco Chanel,  Robert de Niro, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arsen Dedić…

In Leo there’s appearance of the art as one of the ways to escape from own social insecurity to loneliness and individuality. The person who cannot be autocrat, teacher of children or adults can realize his/her social role through artistic activity. It’s one of the ways to achieve immortality by leaving behind immortal work, which is actually the aim of each artist.

In Leo the person develops through social framework; therefore, the sensitivity to critics and the loss of fame are one of his/her biggest weaknesses. That’s why they usually use lies, bribe and loud out-talk.

This is the area where for the first time the man tries to become a social being and those attempts are not always that successful. Leo fears social failure, tries to preserve its unique I before the upcoming tide of collective order. Through strong creative spirit it attempts to leave the trace in this world fearing to be completely absorbed by the society.

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