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Saturn in Scorpio – global view

The question is whether from the practical application of astrology it’s possible to obtain information which astrologers consider implied? Saturn in Scorpio is an excellent test. Does it function in reality? With reference to previous texts – Scorpio, Scorpio, sex and ashes, Saturn in Scorpio and Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio 2013. Key words for Scorpio are sexuality, partnership results, banking, greed, power abuse, whereas for Saturn: discipline, limitation, structure, stability, time. Here are some local and global examples:  

1. Health education in Croatian

Health Education Curriculum – Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

In natal chart of Croatia Saturn is placed at the end of the 2nd house, retrograde at the beginning of Aquarius, its current position is transit from the 11th to the 12th house and square with its natal position. The 2nd house is related to money, but also with sexual energy whose primary purpose is reproduction, Scorpio with sexuality, 11th house with results of work, 12th house with institutions, suppressed character aspects of the individual and society with termination of specific cycle or work. Saturn is just about to enter the 12th house announcing at least several years of discussion ahead of us, but the influence of Saturn transiting Scorpio is definitely present. Saturn (with Uranus) rules the 3rd house where we meet the beginnings of systemic education.


 2. India – court process for gang rape and “stealing uterus”

India gang rape trial begins in fast-track Delhi court
The Indian women pushed into hysterectomies

In December 2012 in New Delhi a group of 6 men raped a young student (23) and beat up her friend. The student died due to sever physical injuries, criminals were caught and the trial has just begun attracting huge media attention in India, primarily being a symbol of social position of women in that country. The trial was transferred to newly opened „fast courts“ in order to solve piled up lawsuits. It is considered that over 95 000 rape cases await 10 to 14 years for trial with overly lenient punishments. The other subject is related to pure medical greed – in rural areas of India physicians give superficial and fast diagnosis in order to charge unnecessary expensive operations of removing uterus – hysterectomy.

In the horoscope of India, Saturn is positioned almost exactly on IC, the position that is related to the basis of the state and it rules with the 9th and the 10th house; at the moment it is in transit over the 6th house and by the end of this year it will cross over natal Jupiter along square towards natal Saturn, IC, Mercury, Pluto and at the end Sun. The foundations of this country are shaken through individual defeat of one person (6th house) who will (through hard public crisis) make the government (10th house) reassess its laws (Jupiter and the 9th house). The other subject is related to the greed of some physicians (6th house in Scorpio) who abuse their power (Scorpio and Saturn).



3. Great Britain – suggestion of the Law on equality of homosexual communities and marriage

Gay marriage: MPs vote in favour leaves Cameron adrift from Tories

The topic that caused fierce conflicts between supporters of new approach to the marriage and traditionalists is not easy to explain through the horoscope of Great Britain unless we include Uranus. We may assume that the key problem was related to finances (Saturn in transit above the 2nd house) and potential adoption of children (natal Saturn in the 11th house in Leo), but strong transit of Uranus at the very beginning of the 7th house broke traditional attitude. This decision will have long term consequences on other countries under strong Anglo-Saxon influence, primarily on Australia – As UK on verge of gay marriage, Australia falls behind


4. Vatican – official representatives thank media for exposing sex scandal

Vatican official thanks media for exposing sex scandal

It’s an unusual situation that anybody would thank media for revealing something that was attempted to be hidden. The story was published in 2002 when Saturn was above the 10th house of Vatican’s natal chart, above natal Sun and Moon, and it’s about to reach media conclusion exactly when Saturn transits the 3rd house (media) and Scorpio (suppressed sexual aspects). The whole process led to a more serious education of priests and communication with media (again the 3rd house).


5. Scotland – bank fined 612 $ million for rate rigging (RBS fined $612 million for rate rigging)

Switzerland – bank fined 1.5 $ billion for rate rigging (UBS traders charged, bank fined $1.5 billion in Libor scandal)

USA – bank fined s 1. $ billion for money laundering (HSBC to pay USD 1.92 bn for settling US probe)

The concept of banking, Scorpio and Saturn is visible in the examples of these three countries. Scotland is still a part of UK and viewed from that horoscope we see the transit of Saturn above the 2nd house in more and more stronger square with Venus in the 5th house (speculation) and conjunction with Neptune in the 2nd house (malfeasance). In horoscopes of Switzerland and USA there’s a similar transit of Saturn at the beginning of the 12th house that quits all secrets of institutions (12th house) and it is sure only that the process is beginning, but what about real results and purpose? That is still not in the domain of Saturn. It is visible even by ordinary people, it’s good for the show, but for real understanding it’s necessary to look over the fence, outside the box and traditional reflections; in direction of Uranus.


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