The period of the longest night, when the nature seems to be in deep sleep, the winter equinox and reorientation in evolution. The night has reached its maximum, the process initiated in Cancer at the moment of summer equinox through creation of family in Capricorn  reaches its maximum fulfillment in the form of perfectly organized state.

The strength of collective energy covered completely numerous individuals of which it’s built. Or, is it really like that?

Every cyclic process reaches its rise and fall, there’s no continuous expanding for the purpose of one idea. At the beginning of Capricon, the collective must give space for giving birth to the individual. It is the energy/person that always announces the arrival of new age whose contours become clear with the beginning of spring and Aries – Easter. In Christianity this is the moment of celebration of one of the biggest holidays of the year – Christmas and the mere appearance of Christ is announcing the era in which the individual is important, it has its rights and dignity. To accomplish those rights, every person must feel awakening of individual strength in the area of Capricorn.

Ego trapped in limited body (or tribe trapped in small space or state) is not capable of experiencing world as a whole. After we open ourselves through social contacts, love, education and far journeys we modify the focus of our I. It’s no longer „determined“ egoism in limited space, but one of forms of Metropolis within the big Collective. The development of society from tribal community to the organized state is presented through signs from Cancer up to Capricorn. In Capricorn we choose whether we’ll be passive observers of this process – bureaucrat in big state machinery, one of numerous courtiers in function of big ruler or active participant conscious of himself and of his role within the bigger whole.

That’s why in accentuated Capricorn we find persons craving for „civil service“ that will give them illusion of invariance of their secure state. That tendency leads to inevitable destruction because there’s nothing static in big social groups. Ideas come and go, emperors rule and fall together with their courtiers. Unlike tribal community where rules can be defined clearly because it is small and based on blood ties; big empire or state doesn’t have that possibility. Politics – symbolism of Capricorn is forced to compromise and negotiate with the ones „beneath“ who desire power. The rich need to educate poor so they could work better for them and bring them more wealth…that also opens cognitions and appetites for power. All these characteristics are concentrated in the sign of Capricorn: organizational skills, sacrifice for the purpose of ruler/idea, the fear that those beneath will bring us down, the ambition…

Every person that is afraid of his „vassals“ is actually afraid of the Capricorn energy, of changing focus of its crystallized ego because he has no courage to accept the reality of the change. But, after every successful person or successful state follows the revolution of Aquarius.

In Capricorn there’s spark of new I that in the future creates reformators or masters of own body (for example Yogi). However, individual consciousness is very weak on this level. Capricorns are not aware of this spark and are very often possessed by the feeling of loneliness and despair searching for way out in pointless civil functions, vices and eccentricity. Society experiences them as selfish because they wear mask and are afraid to take it down so they can keep illusion of their meaningful ambitions…and not the announcement of the birth of new I. But, at the end new life defeats rigid State and new generation is searching for confirmation of its values.

Which are main characteristics of Capricorn? Maybe political ambition without limits (Mao Ce Tung, Richard Nixon, Herman Goring…), eccentric artist, lonely on the top (Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Edgar Allan Poe, Janis Joplin…), individual burdened with his affiliation, but also fighting for a change (Muhammad Ali, Marthin Luther King…), weapon in hands of state machinery (J. Edgar Hoover – first FBI director), writer of myths once everything else is accomplished (J.R. Tolkien – “The Lord of The Rings”, and rings have always been associated with Capricorn’s ruler Saturn), scientist that gives the spark of deep changes (Isaac Newton, Luis Pasteur, Johannes Kepler…), the creator of the  idea about new individual (Isaac Asimov and his SF stories about robots)… .

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