The first half of the cycle is finished, Day and Night return to short-lived balance, but with the autumn equinox the construction of individuality ends and the collectivity begins. At the beginning of Libra we encounter symbolism of The Big Pyramid in which the individual is no longer the master of skill or servant (significance of the Virgo), but a part of one big Unity – Humankind as the cell within organism.   

If the Virgo was successfully carried out, then the person defeated her egoism, learnt to serve and through Libra she puts herself in function of something by far bigger. This is not the moment of final victory of collectivity, but the moment when the goal in the future is becoming clear. On this path the new community will be able to use new strengths created from joining previously isolated individuals/egos.

Similar to process of building personality from Aries over Taurus to Gemini, Libra builds society over Scorpio to Sagittarius. In the first step in Virgo various individuals start to live and cooperate in determined community that will create certain values and energies – Scorpio; afterwards it comes to creation of common visions and ideas – Sagittarius and the entire process terminates in Capricorn with the establishment of big social organism – state.

Libra is cardinal sign, the initiator and its driving force is directed on social life. It has highly developed feeling for social values, but that mere fact doesn’t guarantee that it will always manage to accomplish them. Considering the presence of Day/ego and Night/collective in instable balance, it’s very easy to yield to subconscious egoism at the expense of communities. Therefore, Libra usually excessively attempts to be socially active and to adapt to every group. This generates its negative characteristics: variability, unreliability, and opportunism. Insufficiently clear goal of the society role and the fear whether it will be able to fulfill that role turns Libra into excessively adaptable person who wants to be liked by everyone and wishes to fit into each situation. The other problem of this instable balance of ego and collectivity is the constant restlessness in which there’s conscious attempt to play the role of social, objective and spiritual person that is considerate towards others. Every type of relationship is taken too seriously.

On the other hand, Libra is an extraordinary organizer of social activities; it has strong feeling of harmony and integration of individuals in group. The urge to create groups is strong, but the sensitivity to any disorders within interpersonal relationships is too big. Therefore, similarly like Aries that is in quest of ideal individual that it can look up to, Libra is after ideal collective to which it can belong. On a higher level it’s evident in social idealism, whereas on lower level through calculated creation of social success based on physical attraction. Libra can also search social activity through the art. Leo wants to use the art to leave its impact on society, whereas Libra is in quest of ideal form.  

Detailed analysis of form leads to the conclusion that the basis of any community is clearly defined form. It’s the same with art; creation of works of art is an attempt to bring together various elements – notes, colors, words, various textile… in ideal relationship and form. What initiated in Libra as a dream about the ideal, in Capricorn assumes its concrete form. Throughout history, politicians have usually sought inspiration in the art – positive and negative. One of the most extreme examples is Hitler (ascendant in Libra) who sought his destructive vision in Wagner’s music.

Due to those characteristics, throughout history there have been appearances of various personalities with the Sun in Libra who have searched the ideal social or artistic form, for better and worse…Margaret Thatcher, Gandhi, T.S. Eliot, Faulkner, Sting, Alfred Nobel, governor Josip Jelačić, Dwight Eisenhower, Heinrich Himmler, Lech Walesa…

The symbol of the sign – balance doesn’t originate from generally accepted attitude that Libra is “balanced”, but from balance as the tool in estimation of determined weight/mass, i.e. determined value in accordance with socially accepted norms. In its essence, Libra is the one who estimates things, though it doesn’t feel secure to judge them like Sagittarius. It estimates them and arranges on the basis of social functionality and possibility to work in a group. However, unfortunately, it’s by far easier to arrange tones or notes in the art than individuals within social community.

At the end of its domain, Libra is not the master of social relationships, it is a visionary of “perfect State” that will get the real form through further steps of evolution. Libra is the symbol of society’s seed that will grow one ideal, balanced world of ideal form…if the vision is clear, the journey bold and the dream realized.

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