Who is Aries? 

Why it’s considered unrestricted, impulsive, aggressive, inconsiderate…? Could we find the answers for those characteristics in his mythological symbolism, symbolism of Aries as an animal, ample imagination or in something else?

The beginning of the first sign coincides with the calendar beginning of spring. Aries is chosen to be the first within Zodiac circle with no distinctive beginning and no end. Its appearance closely follows the final victory of night over day. This is the period after spring equinox when the span between sunrise and sunset slowly crosses half of the day, i.e. 12 hours. Symbolism of the day – daylight is related to awakening of the individual, with ego, “I”. In Aries, that “I” is still insecure, in instable balance towards the night – collective, social energy. Individuality is still weak here and therefore attempts to compensate lack of courage and confidence with its aggression.

In Aries humankind goes through the stage of puberty. Up to now, the person grows within some secure “walls”; first within mother’s body and afterwards in the childhood within secure family environment. Throughout puberty, there are first traces of the independence and Aries enters the world bravely, though slightly fearing, with the persistent desire to conquer it. Strong, but still insufficiently clear desire because there’s still almost the same amount of the night from the subconscious that vigorously conjures to retreat back to some secure framework of the collective.

Aries main features reflect pubertal character. Emotional instability, behavior based on instinct, extreme sensitivity masked under “I don’t care” attitude, the need for loud self-assertion mostly because the feeling inside is just the opposite. More than any other sign, it has a strong need for love, but not from the specific person. This need comes from deeply rooted fear of the world and the feeling of loneliness. However, there’s equal fear of commitment which represents the restraint in much-needed building of the personality. Standing still leads to falling back to the past from which it wants to escape impatiently. Therefore, it must grow, change partners, expand horizons in order to create the illusion of growth.

More conscious Aries types are constructors, in a broader sense. The background of each building process is the building of own “I” that knows no limits. They share the energy, not things, that pure energy of daylight that boils inside. There’s a constant search for personality fulfillment. The problem is that the goal is not clear enough. Their longing, acting, emotions and creation are an attempt to hide the fear of eternal puberty. The fear of strong and passionate energy that seeks its purpose, but it can’t find it.

Aries is hiding its fear, it doesn’t want to admit it, although it feels comfortable when there’s someone close who can show direction. Occasionally it “falls in love as an adolescent” with persons of strong character or with “great ideas”, and identifies with them, but always at a certain distance with emphasized idealization. 

Aries is a sign of individuality sunrise, but the strength of the collective is subconsciously very strong. It’s a moment of awakening when the person encounters and contemplates his/her dreams. During those first steps after awakening it must break free from its past and become the seed of the future “I”. These are reasons why we find in Aries symbolism of martyrdom presented in Christianity through redemption and the lamb sacrifice. That sacrifice is actually the sacrifice of the past for the purpose of the new upcoming life that one can accept with joy or with self-pity – which is one of the accentuated weak points of Aries. Self-pity, fatigue before the last step and the question “what’s the use?” are its flaws due to impossibility to accept the conscious ego and build the subconscious within oneself.       

Easter is almost always celebrated in Aries sign as the symbolical moment of life victory over death that is presented by exaltation of the Sun on its 19th degree.

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