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Why astrology?
Because I don’t feel any borders in astrology. This is just one approach on the subject without any intent to impose or convince. To understand it we need equally to learn and to forget what we were taught and above all we must learn to use our inner voice.

Marko Obranovic

“From the eternal and symbolical east the sun ever rises to bring to man the promise of fulfillment through embodied existence. This is the gift of the Constellations to humanity: that Man-the-Spirit may prove and fulfill himself in man-the-personality. It is the gift of birth on the green earth, birth within the rhythmic tides of the red blood: birth as a body, birth as an ego. And to this most wondrous and most total of all gifts every star in the heavens contributes.
In this chorus of celebration every Constellation sings its part; for man-the-whole, man as the potential Living Person into whom Mastery eventually descends at some future Christmas and in whom the “Diamond Soul” radiates the fulfillment of the Christ-light — man thus realized is the living embodiment of the entire cosmos. Toward him all the powers of Space flow; toward him all galaxies radiate their cosmic light. He is the Son of the All . . . yet he knows it not.”

                                                                                           Dane Rudhyar 

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