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Uranus and Jupiter – The Square of Courage

First Square happened on August 21st 2013 with retrograde Uranus, the second was on February 26th 2014 with retrograde Jupiter and the third one is before us on April 20th 2014 with both direct planets. Uranus and Jupiter Square is only a part of a big T – square that includes Pluto as well, but it’s very interesting because it connects one more personal planet (Jupiter) with global crises events related to Square Uranus/Pluto.

These two planets started their cycle in the first week of June 2010 in the moment when both were on the first degrees of Aries. It was the beginning of the development of individual courage. What kind of courage is it? Maybe this is an appropriate question… The one that opposes conformity. Between Jupiter and Uranus there is Saturn. Status symbol, self-imposed limitation and restriction provoked by personal fears. For the development of the individual it’s necessary to come out of Jupiter comfort zone. To take one’s own path, to be contrary to imposed values of traditional society. For some that’s an already established work that allows a certain level of luxury, but it doesn’t move the spirit into the new and unknown; for others it’s a safe relationship or marriage, or a combination of all above with numerous personal variations.

We can achieve the freedom of the soul only when we free ourselves from conformity, renounce something that we allow to be imposed by traditional system of values. When Uranus and Jupiter are in contact with strong aspects, one should be a little bit silly and do exactly the contrary to the expectations. When there is sextile or trine, the circumstances will be stimulating, and in the case of square the staleness crisis mixed with the fear that drives forward is one of the key starters. Uranus is in Aires, Jupiter in Cancer and cardinal personality of this square highlights even more the need for the action…but it’s not so easy to be brave, a little Jupiter soul captured within Saturn’s sentences will tell to herself…I can’t now…it’s not the right moment…if only I didn’t have mortgage, husband, wife, job, obligations to the parents and family…On the other side of the wall there is Uranus that encourages for a jump and encourages intensively from the last summer and it will encourage this spring as well. Uranus was never a symbol of a guaranty, it’s the one who always demolishes foundations and guarantees only individual awakening if there is enough strength to come out of the conformity frame. With those individuals where this square coincides with personal planets and axis in natal chart, it will manifest as some form of deep inner irritation for a change. First it will demolish some illusionary new routes that have been walked for the past four years, for example jobs or relationships/marriages that were started will fall apart or will lose the illusion of the stable after which there will be strength test of Jupiter’s soul.

Individuals will find the strength and realize that there is also a step after this, unfortunately, most of them will go back to the previous, i.e. to the places where they were in some distant past. Jupiter in Cancer is looking for the home, it travels and discovers new horizons, i.e. it should expand the man’s living space. Those who understand this and have the courage to move forward will take Uranus route. Others will go back to the old jobs, relationships or patterns of behavior that will allow them a certain comfort, but no evolution progress…because it’s not the right time…it’s not worth…this is the situation now…it’s only till I find something else…where now at this age and with so many obligations…

When we look at the examples of famous persons with this aspect and the combination Aries/Cancer we find a surprising number of unconventional businessmen and the rich. Some of the most famous are George Soros or American billionaire Warren Buffett; the richest  Australian Rupert Murdoch or French Gerard Mulliez as well as a longtime Formula 1 authority Bernie EcclestoneTheir life paths are extreme examples of financial courage and the willingness to take risks, which is typical for this aspect.

It’s very hard to answer whether their wealth is the result of the victory over established conformity that led them to the current status or is it the image of the maximum abuse of economic laws within strictly defined business/Saturn limits.

Only brave people move forward and evolve. Others wait for their opportunity, maybe when the square becomes trine or when somebody else helps them. Up to that moment they will be the guardians of the established system. Stable spouses in compromise marriages, adequately paid employees at established jobs, conformists that replace the real spiritual evolution with falsely brave long journeys after which they come back to safe home, persons who crave for the adrenaline activities or the unnecessary risk. Uranus Jupiter square provokes the courage in each of us. Their energy is not channeled through great gestures of dramatic resignation or stubborn individualism. It’s the energy of walking one’s own path no matter how contrary it may be with what would be “the most cost-effective”.

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