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Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio 2014

Although this is not the last retrograde passing of Saturn through Scorpio, this is the last complete transition that will last between March 2nd and July 20th 2014. Saturn will once again go retrograde in Scorpio for some 40 days in the summer 2015. Its transition in this sign turns again inward with  23° whose symbol says…after  having heard an inspired individual deliver his ”sermon on the mount”, crowds are returning home…  

Saturn is coming back, symbolic “people” are coming back. They heard it all, everything is said and now it’s “only” necessary to apply it in everyday life. This is strength test for transformation. It’s by far easier to climb somewhere up, on the top of the mountain, in the hall of interesting lecture than to put it in action spiritual messages through everyday life. Myriad of information and listening on how it’s necessary to change leads nowhere. At one point it’s enough, enough of listening what other people say you should do, enough of plans how it should be, retrograde Saturn is descending you from the mountain into harsh reality and it’s testing whether you can really do what seems so natural to the lecturer. And when it comes to Scorpio the test will be painful, intensive and directly related to relationships. Here we absorb the last values obtained through connection with other person, financial, sexual, emotional…Until this falls into place for the next 4 and a half months, through silence and drift from that or those who caused the storm of emotions, maybe we will realize it’s not all so dark, nor it’s necessary to exhaust oneself with questions whether we should have gotten more from a certain contact/partnership. Saturn moves directly on 16° of Scorpio whose symbol hides myriad interpretations…a women fecundated by her own spirit is great with child…Descending from the mountain brings us to “fertilization by spirit”, through female principle, i.e. letting off the ego so that those words from various lectures and mountains would start to have the effect on us. It’s enough only to let go, if there are individuals capable of such faith in the meaning of force majeure. Others will struggle in the attempt to change, in the search of instructions and protocol for the conduction of spiritual recipe.

With the transition of Saturn through Scorpio worldwide societies have reached the areas where somehow they are burdened with sexual problems. In Croatia there was a voting on homosexual marriage – Croatia to hold referendum on same-sex marriage ban, in USA the first active professional athlete publicly recognized his sexual orientation and he still plays basketball – JASON COLLINS COMES HOME whereas Lars von Trier made a drama in two parts Nymphomaniac.

What Saturn so far still didn’t shake that much is the society’s attitude to death, i.e. the right to death. In Scorpio we die, we die through connection with someone so that the armor of ego would broke, we die literary and metaphorically and at the end of this sign it’s time that we ask ourselves some deeper questions…are we afraid of death?!…why we don’t allow others a decent death?…do we have the right to take the life that was given to us? Only few days after the beginning of retrograde Saturn in Scorpio, Belgium lifted the ban on children euthanasia –Belgium lifts ban on children euthanasia despite its nation’s pleadings not to, and in Netherlands 35 year old Bor Verkroost posted on Facebook his wish to end life – Right to die: Netherlands, Belgium ignite global debate on euthanasia in the country of liberal laws on euthanasia and  therefore started local and very soon global discussion on this topic. In natal chart of Belgium (October 4th 1830 Bruxelles 13:52 h) MC is in Scorpio and Saturn recently passed over this point and started the topic about the death.

Sometimes, when we descend from the mountain or come back from “spiritual lecture”, we realize that the time is passing by and that the death is getting closer to everybody. Transience of material existence at the end of Scorpio becomes clearer or it at least should be clearer.

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