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Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio 2013.

Between February 18th 2013 and  July 8th 2013 Saturn sets off on its first retrograde journey in Scorpio after entering this sign at the beginning of the last autumn. Potentially very interesting period because Scorpio is related to passions of both the society and individuals, those that throw us in the mud, or rise us to the sky.

At the moment, its position „ignores“ the two nearest planets, it is in inconjunction with Jupiter and Uranus. It ignores Jupiter’s wish from Gemini for communication and the exchange of the opinion, its need to organize so that the majority would have benefits. On the other hand, it ignores the possibility to come out of the traditional routine that Uranus in Aries offers hastily, rashly and impatiently. In this moment Saturn is in a position in which it is convinced that everything can be done by itself alone and in ancient methods which are the most appropriate. Some recent power positions support it (sextile with Pluto in Capricorn) as well as weak trine with Neptune in Pisces which will strengthen with the summer and will dissolve its hard shell.

Twelfth Scorpio degree, position from which it moves retrograde, contains the symbol of „The Official Ball in the Embassy“ (Sabian) and it tells about some kind of show/demosntration of the power. Only the chosen are invited to the ball; there’s informal code of conduct and dress code, the purpose of the ball is only seemingly entertainment, whereas its true role is the presentation of the specific country, its power (or representative of some community) and social networking, i.e. making useful contacts…till Saturn turns retrograde. Saturn gives us back up, it’s a strong father or sponsor, the person who enables us to be children forever, but when it goes in the opposite direction this relationship comes to the end. Everybody, from immature individuals, overly dependant couples to social institutions will feel that the „back up“ is becoming weaker when there’s a need to rely on proper resources. „The Ball can be organized, but this time on proper account, not on the account of Ministry, rich father or spouse.

How will this affect individuals? Those who have will give less, and those who were taking will have less and less place to take from. Sponsors will be lost due to bankruptcy, death or radical relationship break or simply because somebody will want to demonstrate the power in order to place the relationship in the real perspective…dealer and addict, banker and debtor, slave and master. Many couples will discover in which areas they depend on each other, whether financially, emotionally or Scorpio-sexually, but people don’t like such real facts and they will try to find the ways to neglect them. First retrograde transit through particular sign awakens the problem, strikes us without the final solution so that by the next direct transit this summer many will spend days anxioulsy looking at the other side. The fifth Scorpio degree when it turns again direct is symbolized by „Massive cliffy coast that resists hitting of the waves“. We will fight that nothing changes, that we remain like sea rocks before influx of wild sea emotions. We might even make it, because at least at the beginning, Saturn continues to transit this sign to complete its task.

What about the society?
The battle for power is becoming stronger. Scorpio loves power, sexual and financial, and since everybody has some highlight of this sign only few can live the life on the Earth without experiencing greed for power. Whereas Saturn moves retrograde/backwards some powerful governments will try to retroactively revoke the power to the ones who thought they were more powerful. For example, the American government plans the law suit against credit agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P tried to defraud investors says US Justice Department) due to incorrect information about mortgage value just before the beginning of the big financial crisis in 2008. At the moment, they are using the power of paper and information given from Jupiter in Gemini; once Jupiter enters in Cancer they might move them from the country? It’s hard to believe that there will be any radical change in the field of banking power and the approach to sexuality in society, but these topics will surely be more and more present in public life. The change is inevitable because Saturn is only one limit, the fence within which domestic animals feel the safest.

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