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Mars and Pluto Opposition – Axis of Inexhaustible Energy

Mars and Pluto oppositions are not that rare astrological phenomenon, they appear approximately every two years, but their opposition on axis Capricorn – Cancer doesn’t happen so often. In the mid July 2013 one of a series of oppositions between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn has begun. It usually lasts two weeks before and after forming of the exact aspect which happened on July 27th. The first aspect of this series started in March 2008 and the last one will happen at the beginning of November 2024.

Mars and Pluto in combination promise a great energy and Capricorn and Cancer talk about where it will manifest at its best. The impulse that Mars receives during the conjunction in Capricorn becomes clear and maximally “charged” in the moment of opposition when it’s passing through Cancer. Pluto in Capricorn devastates the system, devastates the global structure that has expired, and through Mars it transmits the most direct routes of that devastation. Mars should be “cleaned” by some form of higher/cosmic information and as such combatively and bravely express its meaning in the real world, in the world of home, homeland or family life that is related to Cancer, i.e. in the area of the collective.

Is it really like that in reality? The last Mars-Pluto oppositions on this axis were happening between 1763 and 1776. It was the period exactly before American Independence War (1775-1783) and French Revolution (1789-1799), when those who participated in those conflicts were born and they brought the demolition of outdated systems (colonialism and feudal monarchies). A lot of young people who fought in those years came into the world under this aspect, but the history remembers only few of them. To be great in something, you must have good collaborates and you must be surrounded by people who know something and with whom you share similar passions. Napoleon had a feeling for this fact. In history, he was remembered as one of the greatest military leaders, the man who stirred foundations of Europe, moved the limits of warfare and tried to expand the idea of French Revolution. He was winning the great battles in which he was outnumbered by the enemy, whereas a lot of his generals were born with the opposition of Mars and Pluto: Jean Rapp (exact opposition), Jacques-Gervais Subervie, Henri Gatien Bertrand i Geraud Duroc (9° orbis). Also, he was finally defeated by those who had in their natal chart this aspect: Austrian field marshal Karl Phillip Furst zu Schwarzenberg and Arthur Wellesley and Arthur Wellesley – duke of Wellington who won Waterloo battle for Englishmen. The fall of Napoleon came after the attempt to invade Russia in 1812, which started in the end of June, when Mars was transiting Cancer and the defeat itself and the cold Russian winter that accompanied losers has a lot of Capricorn/Pluto/Mars/Cancer symbolic.

However, Napoleon’s generals are not sufficient to show the whole strength of this aspect. Behind a great military leader, brave and progressive warrior there was a woman or the passion for the woman.  Josephine de Beauharnais was born with almost the exact opposition of Pluto towards the conjunction of Mars Sun at the beginning of Cancer. Napoleon married her although she was six years older and although his family was against it; he was writing her love letters while he was fighting in Europe and by his side she was proclaimed the empress of France.

They split up because she couldn’t give him a successor, but his last words on deathbed were “France, Army, Head of the Army, Josephina”.

And Napoleon’s natal chart? Pluto is in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, almost in exact trine that is formed after the opposition and which tells us how to make the best use of experiences brought to consciousness by opposition…

Each revolution needs music background; in this case it was Etienne Mehul, the most important composer of revolutionary France with strong opposition of Mars and Pluto. He was the first compositor to be named “romantic”, predecessor of the new age in art that subtly insinuated the revolution of the old European spirit.

Mars and Pluto through Capricorn and Cancer continue their cycle, they bring restlessness in our home, they clearly indicate destructive consequences of our passions on life foundations and they force us to consciously confront new relationship structures within family life. What will children be like nowadays? Under this aspect Prince George of Cambridge was born, let’s hope as the future reformer of social structures and not a general in new battles.


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