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Mars out of bounds

What does it mean to be “out of bounds” for certain planet in astrology? It is relatively easy to present it visually. When we say some planet is in Virgo or Aquarius we give information where it is alongside the ecliptic (left or right from starting point ie. first degree of Aries) but when we say a planet has a declination of, let us say, 7°40′ N it simply means it is above or, for 7°40′ S, below celestial equator. There are many quality articles explaining this phenomena form astronomical and astrological point of view. The question here is, what does it mean to be “out of bounds”?

To be out of bounds, first someone has to set the bounds. In this case it is the Sun. Sun’s declination can be maximum 23°27′ north or south. The Sun reaches these borders on the first day of winter and summer. Inside this area planets travel with declination below 23°27′ N or S and they stay in the area of influence of his majesty, the one and only, life and light giver. But occasionally someone steps “on the other side”, it has declination more than 23°27′ and we call it “out of bounds” or out of direct influence of sun’s energy.

To be “on the other side of the imaginary border” can mean a lot of things. It can leave you unprotected, isolated, abandoned or without proper guidance but it can also mean some liberation from authority and freedom to be different and express something unique symbolized by that certain planet. Most of the planets in astrology can be out of bounds, except Sun, Saturn and Neptune. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars more often than the ones who are further away from the Earth. Sometimes they just step few minutes or a degree on the other side and sometime they reach more than 27° of declination like in case of Mars, which means it has really stepped out of the line.

Mars is a symbol of energy, creativity, initiative, passion, readiness to go forward. He is a pioneer of new explorations, warrior, the brave one, impulsive one, the one who brings the light of the Sun to every dark corner of our existence.

Mars stepped out of bounds sometime on 15th May 2017 and it will stay there till 29th June. More than 40 days of possibility for action out of direct control of emperor’s ego. But history teaches us we as an individuals or society in general don’t know how to behave when we have freedom. Uncontrolled Mars can be physically bully, it can manifest through aggression, violence, lack of manners and patience… It can provoke unnecessary conflict or start a huge fire which will devour everything, even the person who started it.

Just a week after the Mars stepped out of bounds world saw another act of violence in Manchester Arena bombing on 22nd May 2017. Mars was just a half degree out of bounds. When it was close to its maximum declination around 27° we saw terrorism in New York on 11th September 2001, similar like on the 1st September 1939 which is the official start of World War II. Final operation Desert storm in winter of 1991 was happening under Mars out of bounds, and invasion of Iraq started on the last day of its travel outside the borders on 20th March 2003.

Very rarely we know how to use moments of freedom. Mars out of bounds is the great example of that. This can be profoundly motivational moment to start something new which you were postponing for a long time (especially in the area of your home or family relations – as it is travelling through Gemini and Cancer) or just implode in some act of violence, towards yourself or others.

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