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Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn will be in Scorpio between October 5th 2012 and September 18th 2015 with short entrance in Sagittarius and retrograde return between December 23rd 2014 and June 15th 2015. Moments when Saturn is changing sign are of great significance for contemporary man. Some new limits are perceived, the focus of personal interests is shifting to new areas of life starting the period of 2 – 3 years when all problems described by the sign of Scorpio will break out to the surface.  

For generation born in the period from November 29th 1982 till May 6th 1983 and from August 24th 1983  till November 11th 1985 this will be the first return of the Saturn. It will mark great turning point in their lives. The first step of growing up is finished, the building of something we should consider proper „I“ is completed. It’s the end of awaiting „the right moment“ because the return of the Saturn defines that the moment has arrived and everything that is decided in the next three years will have far-reaching effects on their lives. Since Scorpio is fixed sign and change is not its closest feature, this generation will be facing many intensive life kicks to shake up seemingly stable position. It’s similar for persons born between October 22nd 1953 and January 12th 1956, but in this second return of the Saturn the emphasis is on the release, which is very hard for Scorpio. Very soon persons in their thirties will try to win an inner battle about a true value of a private or business relationship in which they started their young lives and whether they have the strength to resist their paranoid ego and start using the results of such relationship. During Saturn’s stay in Libra the question was with whom and how? Now, after we decided, passively or actively, the question is what to do now when we stayed together? ! Do we build something together? Perhaps it’s time to build deeper than mere romance or conversations about business plans should proceed to a common purchase of real-estate or some sort of investment? Are we strong enough to erase the limit of the overgrown „I“? Otherwise, we might fall apart very soon.

Saturn doesn’t wait. It’s slow, but also the symbol of time. For now, we are not able to stop the time. We can only intuitively recognize it and try to move in its rhythm.

The other important symbol of Scorpio is related to sex (more information on Scorpio, sex and ashes) that will go through some new metamorphosis in the intimate-personal as well as social level. Wherever Saturn appears, we become aware of our limitations. In the beginning it seems frustrating; especially for generations with Saturn in Scorpio, but to become aware of one’s limits is the first step to liberation. The other problem is that the fixed emotional inertia of Scorpio very easily catches upon the negativity of certain conditions. In brief, it is realistic to assume that many individuals and couples will face extremely frustrating periods in regards to sexuality. The key point here is „period“, not permanent condition but something that Scorpio energy very often confuses and carries the pain inside a lot longer than it actually exists in the reality. Saturn’s „brother“ Jupiter, who is currently in Gemini, completes this picture in a style of a sign where it’s placed. It ruffles a modern perception of sex through the superficial sado-masochistic trilogy 50 shades of gray and pointless media scandal over publishing nude photos of Princess Kate and her pregnancy. When Jupiter enters Cancer in the mid 2013 the theme of sexuality will shift more intensively on family life which will culminate with Jupiter’s stay in Leo with strong square towards Saturn (2014-2015.) and questions about sexual education of the children and the young.

One very important deviation appears in Scorpio – lust. Lust for other people’s money, for abuse of social power, abuse of any form of community that gives the power to a specific individual. The power that originates from connecting two or more persons should be with the purpose of building more successful civilization while today many politicians reflect deformed use of such power. Saturn demonstrates limits, obliges to limits and shows the greedy that they can no longer continue taking. It’s normal that astrologers consider this period as potentially very negative, but negative for those who didn’t know how to stop when they should. It’s important to know that Scorpio phase is a period of contracting agreements between lovers, business partners, people and its leaders and, especially interesting today, individuals and banks. Saturn will shake up all these areas strongly and deeply because one option is painful isolation, whereas the other is ecstasy through joining.

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