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Jupiter in Gemini

In the mid June 2012 Jupiter entered Gemini where it will remain till June 26th 2013. Traditionally astrology doesn’t consider this sign as the position where its characteristics come to the fore, i.e. it’s contrary to what the Jupiter represents. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it’s at its best in spacious environment, whereas in Gemini we find the interest for the direct environment and individual interests.   

Jupiter is big manager and it always attempts to assign to each unit the meaningful role/purpose within the overall group that it represents. And it can represent only so much as the Saturn walls allow. The movements of the Jupiter throughout Zodiac within 12 years and Saturn within 29 are in ideal duration so that they can be applied to the average human life as well as to daily political happenings. Those transits are important for construction of the ego and the soul and they coincide with cycles of development of the individual within the community – education, majority, maturity, pension…Due to this the Jupiter in Gemini is one step in development that is necessary, but we shouldn’t expect drastic changes as in trans Saturn planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

In this period the Jupiter will direct our interests more in directions of what the Gemini represent, which are various forms of the communication and transport. Some initially grandiose ideas (for example recent marketing campaign of mobile operator in Croatia for the purpose of unlimited amount of calls and messages) resulted in wrong estimation, the attempt to regulate through “The Principal of Justice” and finally with resignation of the main manager (Jupiter) because of the poorly executed job. The idea was too big just like the Jupiter to fit in the limited Gemini space. On the world level Jupiter in Gemini is visible in actual court processes related to violation of intellectual property. Jupiter symbolizes the organization of the unrelated functions. Sometimes it is as the high priest that organizes scattered tribes through common religion, whereas in Gemini it is legislator that tries to bring in the order in the world of communications and the exchange of information. The big claim of Apple against Samsung and the sentence in the amount of 1 milliard USD (brought on August 24th 2012) in favor of the claimant is the ideal example of this transit. However, this is just one case of something much further and complex – international commercial agreement against adulteration, more known as ACTA. Its idea is not conceived in this period, but it is significant that EU Parliament rejected the agreement on July 4th 2012, only 20 days after the Jupiter entered in Gemini. The legislator was at the moment too optimistic in the attempt to impose its will on numerous individuals (Gemini). It is hard to believe that this is the end of ACTA. It is more probable that this autumn/winter during retrograde Jupiter (October 5ht 2012 – January 30th 2013) the legal brains will try to regroup and with the beginning of 2013 present the new version of the agreement. For the moment, the focus of interest is on the internet piracy, but it is realistic to expect that the interest of the public will shift to generic medicine covered by ACTA with the entrance of Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer the next year.

During this transit average person will try to balance impossible; he will take on classes of fast learning, weekend workshops about art, computers, will try to travel far, cheep and short…only to realize in the end that without time, Saturn which always follow Jupiter, it is not possible to reach desired goal. Grandiose ideas stuffed in a small space, with an accent on speed, rarely bring success and only thing they can teach us is more patience in our next attempt. After all it’s not totally possible to organize Gemini and put it in legal frames.


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