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Saturn and Neptune – do we have wings?

Do we have wings? Can we freely fly through life and this world as they promised us? Who is grounding us, and who is trying to kick us out of the nest so that the panic of free fall would constrain us to something that we haven’t even imagined we can do?

In order to get contours of some answers it is necessary to dive into the complex world of astrological symbolism and question how astrologers explain relation to the Earth? The answer is simple, it’s Saturn! Or maybe it’s not that simple…

In this text Saturn is the analogy for customs, small community in which everybody knows each other, it’s transmission of knowledge from father to son, society in which everybody has predetermined role where the authority and “noble blood” are respected. There we find strong individuals that draw strength from unnumbered generations that lived before in the equally disciplined and rigid way, these are persons that from the very early age know what they want to be, they follow that path and till retirement strive to become the best in their “craft”. On the hard Saturn ground, digged in with deep roots, we have no right to differ from the “village” in which we were born, we are allowed to marry only similar others and stay together till the end of life. That society is asking us to know who we are, who are our ancestors, “to whom do we belong to”, to which church we belong and which side we’ll take in the moment of inevitable wars with “those others”. Saturn teaches us how to “dissociate” ourselves from others, how to define proper “I” that is becoming more and more frightened and insecure as the fences around it become higher and stronger. It helps us to define in the world of countless similar persons, but its purpose is not to alienate us from the world, because even the Saturn is conscious of the inevitable change.   

The period of globalization is coming, the period when the demolition of walls is not a duty, but inevitable obligation of the humankind and behind that period there is Neptune.

The conflict in between tribal/individual/national and global is the conflict between Saturn and Neptune and with the strengthening of the need to “abandon the roots” and liberate from the heavy tradition, with the same intensity there is resistance to any kind of change. From the astronomical discovery in the middle of the 19th century there has been intensive increase of the need for a radically different approach to the world. Somewhat in that period there’s a new approach to cities, defensive walls are finally demolished, partially because of the idealistic Neptune’s view of the future and partially because of the new type of weapon.      

Today we encounter this in almost every part of the world. The outdated political systems try to keep their narrow-minded Saturn core by only falsely accepting global evolution of removing the borders…various unions and declaration on free trade are formed so that the capital could freely flow, and only the few would get rich; the countries are united in military unions in order to build higher and stronger “walls”, the religious and race difference is only declaratively accepted up to the moment when the one side must deeply question its grounds…There are numerous examples, and Saturn’s old shell is inevitably breaking and people are aware of that. They try to keep up with it, slightly frightened, insecure where to go next so they drown into false Neptune world of abaundant opiates, media mega-spectacles, various new spiritual directions and courses. All with the hope that Saturn’s shell will break more easily, that we will liberate from the fear of those “black, yellow, poor immigrants that don’t speak like us, that listen to different primitive music, that eat insects or merely kneel before foreign icons”.

This struggle has been going on for quite some time, and every time when Saturn and Neptune come into conjunction, there’s a spark of some new change. In the last hundred years, there were four periods when these planets were in the same place of the ecliptic (1882, 1917, 1953, and 1989) and every time the political leaders on Balkan were “extracting” roots of peasants and consciously or unconsciously were moving them to other areas and Neptune’s community. This year they coincide with various agrarian reforms that were brought in the kingdom of Serbia, kingdom of Yugoslavia and Socialist Yugoslavia to regulate legal property relations. The first conjunction coincides with the period after Berlin contract, Turkey is losing more and more Balkan territory, Muslims are retrieving and other nationalities are populating – “Law on agrarian relation in new areas”. After the 1st World War and conjunction in 1917 on the basis of the initiative of the National Council from Zagreb, the king Alexander announces the abolition of serfdom and big land properties that would be divided among the poor. As the continuation of agrarian reforms that started in 1945, the government of the socialist Yugoslavia bring “The Law on agricultural fund of national property” with which the size of the property is decreased to 10 acres and the land is granted to agricultural organizations – cooperatives. Whereas the last conjunction in 1989 coincides with the beginning of the process for return of the deprived property – denationalization.

Saturn and Neptune are still fighting. One persistently rejects any kind of change, whereas the other with glamorous promises on ideal new society where everybody will be equal, healthy, rich, happy strives to reach each individual. They meet again in June 2025, at the beginning of Aries, at the beginning of the Zodiac, on a very symbolic place where there will be announcement of one new separation from the roots, this time maybe even more radical from the mere legitimate changes in land registry because the future of the humankind is not to “own” the land, but to fly above it and a lot further away…

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