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Neptune, whales and oil

How did people throughout history fought battle with darkness? Today, the urban man seldom has the opportunity to experience true dark, even during the long winter nights, street lamps cast more than enough light through the windows of our rooms to help us perceive shadows and contours of the face. It is clear that there hasn’t always been so, and the question is how did the humanity won the combat?

The world’s largest mammals, whales have helped us in this, and the bees, about which symbolism I don’t intend to write in this text. These great sea creatures that live in the media of Neptune – the sea, until relatively recently were one of the major, if not the main source of light for our ancestors. Whales ware hunted in all continents, in all oceans and in all cultures. Because of their flesh, but also, because of their oil. The oil was used for making soap, perfume, various machine oils and, above all, for making candles and lamps.

Solely the oil / fat is a lot more complex symbol, something that was brought almost to perfection in India through daily consumption and use in medical applications of purified cow’s butter – Ghee. Refined fat from cow’s milk is the essence of life, related to the life of the creator – Brahma, and there is something incredible is the fact that that essence gives us light.

As world population was growing along with technology progresses the need for oil increased to the extent that the extinction was inevitable … but from a distant expanse of the universe, or at least the collective subconscious, planet Neptune emerged in 1846. He got his name from the Roman god of the sea and it seems like it has appeared at just the right moment to rescue one of his most spectacular creatures. In return, he offered to humanity other energy source – oil.

Between 1847 and 1862 Neptune was passing through Pisces, just as now. (Neptune in Pisces) and parallel with this event began the industrial exploitation of oil. One Pole, Ignacy Lukasiewicz, “accidentally” born during Pisces period (8th March 1822.) has become the pioneer of the oil industry, he discovered the process of distilling kerosene and made the first kerosene (oil) and street lamps (1853.), built the first oil well (1854) and refinery (1856.). The whales had a sigh of relief. Neptune has opened new horizons, but it took more than 130 years to finally ban commercial whaling in 1986. Interestingly,it is a same year when we introduced a global system of oil pricing, which is still in use.

It is important to understand that Pisces is mutable sign; it is a place where something ends so that at the beginning of Aries a new cycle could start, in this case, the industrial production of oil, with entrance of Neptune in Pisces came into its final phase.

How much was whaling a powerful symbol in society says one of the most famous American novels “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville, written and published the early1850’s. “Call me Ishmael …” begins his book in which Captain Ahab, obsessed with revenge because of the sunken ship and chased leg, pursues a large whale – Moby Dick.

In some way oil helped the survival of whales, although, it is ironic that they are one of the main victims of environmental disasters in oil spills. The relationship of humanity to the whales and the oil largely shaped our history in the last 150-160 years, and the bloody hunt of marine mammals is now replaced with dozens of bloody wars in which background is the thirst for oil. Blood for the light, to drive cars, to heat, for mass-production of plastic and intercontinental flights.

Which alternative to oil can Neptune offer this time? People now do not kill just particular creatures from the sea but we destroy the entire ecosystem. We’ll begin to perceive the answers in the next 14 years while the world oil powers will try to prevent losing their positions or some will be the victims (Pisces/Neptune symbol) of it; the U.S. – culminant Neptune in the horoscope, Iran – conjunction of Venus and Neptune on the MC.

Finally, the question is, how it is that humanity as a source of energy uses fossile carbonized remains of algae and marine plankton (oil), and once, whale oil, which come from marine realms of Neptune? Neptune is affiliated with numerous astrological symbols, but not with some form of energy. However, solar energy provides light that participate in photosynthesis which enables life to algae, and indirectly all living organisms of our planet. For this reason, it will be of utmost importance for humans, in the near future, to be aware of the fact that it is not necessary to find the “new” energy sources, but most importantly to “plug in” and to better take advantage of the main one, which is the Sun.

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