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Astrology in the time of Corona

“Astrology is basically the study of time. Unfortunately human mind has very limited abilities of understanding time. A human soul, confined inside the borders set by frightened ego, intuitively feels a lot but practically does little. Ego wants to be big and gives himself importance by stressing his social position, his belongings and time in which he thinks he lives. But we are just all fragments in the great mystery of time. Our lives are not the end nor the beginning, maybe just a bridge between unknown in this fast moving space.”

It was 2000, full 20 years ago, and the World has just barely survived the ’90s, at least what was known as the Eastern Block. Soviet Union fell apart at the start of the previous decade, Czechs and Slovaks parted peacefully, Poland embraced democracy, so did Hungary and Bulgaria, people of Romania forced their dictator on the street and shot him without much of discussion, Yugoslavia took full decade of killings with the finale stage in Kosovo war in spring of 1999 to crumble. Even Albania opened itself to the new times after decades of living in fear of invasion surrounded by numerous concrete bunkers. East Germany united with West and North Yemen with South. Rwanda became famous for its genocide in 1994. Not many people could find it on the map before this tragic event.

Finally came the new decade with global consensus that West has won and democracy and capitalism are appropriate directions for humanity. Astrologers were full time generals after the battle on how the transits of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn from late ’80s to early ’90s signified natural destruction of rigid communist system. Jupiter did its part with opposition from Cancer from summer of 1989 to summer 1990. With Solar/Lunar Eclipses happening on the axis Cancer/Capricorn from summer of 1990 till late 1992. It was an eventful decade which changed the world for good and nothing is the same since. The worst has passed…but someone forgot about the Pluto who was relatively innocent bystander from Scorpio in beneficial sextile with all the stressful Capricorn transits.

It was beginning of May 2000 and I was a student who went on a random evening astrology lecture. Online astrology was still pretty young and books were still primary source of information. Good lectures in my town were almost endemic. This was one of them and the subject was rare conjunction of seven celestial bodies from Sun to Saturn in Taurus. What does it mean? Is it sign of something new and historical? The lecturer was highly intelligent astrologer who gave us an insight in the current situation in the sky. From early degrees of Taurus with Mercury and Venus through middle part with Sun, Moon and Jupiter till the end with Saturn and Mars who was just leaving for Gemini. He included group of fixed stars of Pleiades in the last degree of the sign. All of them in square with either Uranus or Neptune from Aquarius. Almost everybody was involved. Pluto again stood aside with not so supportive minor inconjunction (150 degree angle) from Sagittarius. Oh yes, and there was upcoming, once in 20 years, conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the 28th May. What does it mean? I ask myself, did anybody look so far ahead and had a mental and intuitive power to see.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur in signs of the same element for a mean period of a bit less than 200 years at a stretch, typically with some overlap at the beginning and end of the cycle. For example, the current cycle of conjunctions in the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) was initiated on January 26, 1842 and concludes on May 28, 2000. This cycle was interrupted by the December 31, 1980 – July 24, 1981 triple conjunction in Libra.

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Dot-com Bubble burst in March that year ending unrealistic growth of first Internet companies, Vladimir Putin became a president of Russia for the first time on the May 7th, first draft of Human Genome Project (which started in 1990) was ready by the end of the June. There are numerous local or global events around that time but three mentioned seem most interesting for current situation. Because we are again at the end of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle which started almost 20 years ago and endings are often more eventful than shy humble beginnings from numerous new seeds. Test of time shows us the strongest or the most important ideas of a cycle.

“In September 1981, the Internet Engineering Task Force published RFC 791. The RFC document formally defined IPv4, the fundamental communications protocol used by most of the modern Internet.” – just at the beginning of Jupiter/Saturn in Libra, at the middle of the cycle in 1991 we have introduction od World Wide Web and at the end we have the Dot-com bubble burst. Libra is always connected with connecting. It is not connected primary with technology or engineering but one of the ideas of this cycle was relating through new technology. In the and something was saturated. In this case end was in Taurus – sign connected with money. Saturation was with unrealistic value which dropped by 3/4 from its inflated peaks.

While this was happening a new idea of decoding a nature’s secret through genetic science was occupying the media of that time. We were ready to solve everything with knowledge of the DNA. Science sequenced human genom and after that reparation and modification could start. The ones who remember can recall the memories from early 2000’s and passionate conflicts between progress of science and spiritual and natural consequences this will have on people and Mother Earth. Europa and Russia legally opposed genetically modified food, China and US didn’t. Among many others.
“The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus in 2000 marked the last one in the earth signs which started in January 1842. It was a time of immense industrial and technological progress with very little regards toward Mother Earth. Social evolution was based on extreme usage of natural resources. We all now realise it was too much but it looks like nobody knew how to stop.”

2020 is the year when this cycle ends, Jupiter and Saturn will form the new conjunction on December 21st 2020. In the meantime, upcoming months will be the end of many things built in last 180 years. But this time transition will be more radical because the Pluto is here. Again we have huge gathering of planets in Capricorn, apart from Jupiter and Saturn, Pluto is in the mix, currently with Mars, few months ago with Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon and again Eclipses on Cancer/Capricorn axis. Last time communism and Eastern Block was falling apart. This time the very foundations of capitalist society will be shaken in the ways never seen before. I rarely choose to predict catastrophic events but all of us who think this is just a pause in economic progress and growth should stop and think again. Capricorn is symbolically the highest sign. Pluto came here in 2008 and gave us first warning with global economic crisis. We paid little attention, did some adjustments and carried on with old ways. This will be far more extreme pressure on willing or unwilling change. After Capricorn there is no more up, at least in the same way. There is only downwards or through new doors of Aquarius to new levels of existence.

December conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn is not the beginning of the Age of Aquarius but definitely a prelude of its arrival. It will take at least 40 more years of global change to shape and prepare humanity for this new era. We are now starting accelerated transition period far beyond what conservative science and religion based on narrow mindedness could have predicted. Before the new beginning there must be the end. Humanity will have to evolve, which we were all hoping for but didn’t know how. Is this Coronavirus epidemic just a push or a punishment?

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